Masbate Island

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Masbate Island
Atlas of the Philippine Islands (1900) (14585605160).jpg
1900 map of Masbate
Masbate Island is located in Philippines
Masbate Island
Masbate Island
Location within the Philippines
Coordinates 12°16′N 123°35′E / 12.27°N 123.58°E / 12.27; 123.58Coordinates: 12°16′N 123°35′E / 12.27°N 123.58°E / 12.27; 123.58
Adjacent bodies of water
Area 3,268 km2 (1,262 sq mi)[1]
Highest elevation 576 m (1,890 ft)
Highest point Mount Uac
Region Bicol Region
Province Masbate
Population 706,897 (2015)[2]
Ethnic groups

Masbate Island is the largest of three major islands of Masbate Province in the Philippines. The other two major islands are Ticao Island and Burias Island. It is the 11 largest island in the Philippines and the world's 155th largest island by area and the world's 70th most populous island.

The island is divided into 14 municipalities and 1 city, and has a total population of 706,897 people.[2]

Masbate Island was severely affected by Super Typhoon Yolanda, which caused the evacuation of about 15,700 people.[3]


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