Mascara (musician)

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Birth nameShane Shumate
OriginNew York City
Years active2010–present
  • Tundra Dub
  • Black Bus

Shane Shumate, better known by his stage name Mascara (stylized as M△S▴C△RA[1]), is an American electronic musician from New York City.[2] He released his début EP, Black Mass, on Tundra Dubs in 2010,[1] following it up with a second EP, Silver Knight Gothic, on Black Bus Records in 2011,[3] as well as VHS tape The Five Wounds on Video/Horror/Show.[4] In 2015 Mascara released an album of "unreleased cuts" called Heru-Ra-Ha on London-based cassette label Dagger Forest.[5]



  • Black Mass (EP, 2010, Tundra Dubs)
  • Silver Knight Gothic (CD-R EP, 2011, Black Bus Records)


  • Heru-Ra-Ha (cassette tape, 2015, Dagger Forest)


  • Strobe Cramp (digital split with Ʌ, 2010, AMDISCS)
  • The Five Wounds (VHS, 2011, Video/Horror/Show)


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