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Militia Maschinenfest 4.jpg
Militia at Maschinenfest
Genre Industrial, power electronics, noise, alternative electronic, Breakcore, Techstep
Location(s) Aachen, Germany / Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen
Years active 1999– present

Maschinenfest is a yearly, three-day underground music festival in Germany, featuring industrial, power electronics, noise and other alternative electronic performers.[1] There are both independent and signed bands who are booked to play, as well as many vendors for music and related paraphernalia. Featured record labels and noteworthy companies include: Ant-Zen, Hands Productions, Pflichtkauf, Spectre Records and Ad Noiseam.


The Kulturfabrik Krefeld in October 2007

Traditionally the festival has been in October, held in a bunker deep underground Aachen, Germany. The venue has posed some problems with heat, humidity and air circulation, as well as condensation dripping on to the gear of the performers, but the atmosphere of the bunker has proved quite fitting to the genres of music played throughout the festival. For only one edition, in 2003, the festival moved to Geilenkirchen, into the castle ruin of Schloss Leerodt. From 2004 to 2008, Maschinenfest has been held at the Kulturfabrik in Krefeld, Germany. In 2009, the festival was held in Essen, and since 2010, the festival has been taking place in Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen.

Turbinenhalle Oberhausen in October 2014

Part of the pre-festival fun is the Maschinenfaces page, on this page the visitors can add pictures of themselves and say where they're staying, who they are going with and comment on each other. Mfaces '99 Mfaces 2k Mfaces 2k1 Mfaces 2k2 Mfaces 2k3 Mfaces 2k4 Mfaces 2k5

An April Fools' Day posting on the Side-Line website claimed that the 2008 edition, the 10th one, would also be the final one.[2] On the contrary, there are plans to expand the festival.

In 2011 Wolfram Bange, Henning Hinck, Sebastian Vogel and Lena Neugebauer filmed a documentary about the festival. It was a tribute to the scene and can be watched on several video platforms for free.[3]






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