Maserati 8CM

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Maserati 8CM
1933 Maserati Grand Prix 8-CM fvrT.jpg
Body and chassis
ClassRace car
LayoutFR layout
Engine3.0 L Straight-8
(220/250 bhp)
Transmission4 speed manual transmission
Wheelbase2560 mm
Curb weight780/785 kg
PredecessorMaserati 8C
SuccessorMaserati 6C-34

The Maserati 8CM was a Grand Prix race car produced by Italian manufacturer Maserati in Bologna between 1933 and 1935.

The car mounted an 8-cylinder 2991 cm3 straight engine and 400 mm drum brakes. Maximum power was around 220-240 hp at 5,500 rpm. The chassis had been derived from that of the 4CM 1100, which proved to be too light and was subject to flex;[1] the situation improved when driver Tazio Nuvolari asked a strengthening of the front part, and the weight reduced from 785 to 750 kg.[1]

The car debuted at the Tunis Grand Prix in 1933 and, in that year, won the Belgian Grand Prix and others, raced by Nuvolari. In 1934-1935, however, it struggled to take the pace of the Alfa Romeo, Mercedes and Auto Union, and was replaced by the V8RI model.[1]


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