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Mashal is a non-commercial and non-profit organization located in Lahore, Pakistan which promotes and conducts educational and social activities, and publishes books in Urdu on women's rights, education, environment, science, philosophy, and contemporary issues.


The enterprise was incorporated as a registered society in 1988, is an NGO under the auspices of The International Book Institute Inc., Philadelphia, United States as part of development program to aid developing countries through indigenous book publishing initiatives. The organization is governed by a Managing Committee consisting of voluntary members.


Major aim of the organization is to develop public interest into reading. Hence, more stress is given to publishing of books on social, cultural and developmental themes of contemporary relevance.


Most of the publications are translated from other languages. However, careful selection of titles ensures that the analyses is contemporary and is of interest to general reader of all social groups, teachers and students, with subsidized prices. The issues covered are:


Active collaboration is made to conduct various seminars on respective social issues, from peace workshops and dialogues between people and politicians to symposia on education.

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