Masherbrum Mountains

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Masherbrum Mountains
Highest point
Peak Masherbrum
Elevation 7,821 m (25,659 ft)
Coordinates 35°38′33″N 76°18′39″E / 35.64250°N 76.31083°E / 35.64250; 76.31083Coordinates: 35°38′33″N 76°18′39″E / 35.64250°N 76.31083°E / 35.64250; 76.31083
Country Pakistan
State/Province Ghanche District, Baltistan
Parent range Karakoram

The Masherbrum Mountains are a subrange of the Karakoram mountain range, in Ghanche District, Baltistan region of the Gilgit-Baltistan province in northern Pakistan.


The Masherbrum Mountains are located on the south side of the Baltoro Glacier. The southern side of the range, in the Indus River basin, is drained by the Hushe River.

While not as famous as the Baltoro Muztagh mountains, which lies across the Baltoro Glacier, the Masherbrum Mountains contain some of the highest peaks in the world (highest 7,821 metres (25,659 ft)). They attract climbers from around the planet.

Selected peaks[edit]

The following is a table of the peaks in the Masherbrum Mountains which are over 7,200 metres (23,620 ft) in elevation and have over 500 metres (1,640 ft) of topographic prominence. (This is a common criterion for peaks of this stature to be independent.)

Mountain Height (m) Height (ft) Coordinates Prominence (m) Parent mountain First ascent Ascents (attempts)
Masherbrum 7,821 25,659 35°38′24″N 76°18′21″E / 35.64000°N 76.30583°E / 35.64000; 76.30583 2,457 Gasherbrum I 1960 4 (9)
Chogolisa 7,665 25,148 35°36′51″N 76°34′45″E / 35.61417°N 76.57917°E / 35.61417; 76.57917 1,624 Masherbrum 1975 4 (2)
Baltoro Kangri 7,312 23,990 35°38′21″N 76°40′24″E / 35.63917°N 76.67333°E / 35.63917; 76.67333 1,040 Chogolisa 1976 1 (0)
Baltistan Peak (K6) 7,282 23,891 35°25′00″N 76°33′03″E / 35.41667°N 76.55083°E / 35.41667; 76.55083 1,962 Chogolisa 1970 1 (3)

Other peaks[edit]

Other notable peaks include the following ones in the Hushe Valley region:

  • K7, 6,934 m
  • Kapura, 6,544 m
  • Drifika, 6,447 m

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