Mashtots Avenue

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Mashtots Avenue
Մաշտոցի Պողոտա
Kev pic23.jpg
Mashtots Avenue in 2008, view from north to south
Former name(s) Lenin Avenue (1924-1990)
Length 2.6 km (1.6 mi)
Location Kentron district,
Yerevan Armenia
Inauguration 1924

Mashtots Avenue (Armenian: Մաշտոցի Պողոտա Mashtots'i Poghota), known as Lenin Avenue between 1924 and 1990, is an avenue in the central Kentron district of Yerevan, Armenia.

The avenue starts with the Victory Bridge at the south and ends up with the Matenadaran museum to the north.

Notable buildings[edit]

Many prominent buildings in the city of Yerevan are located on the Mashtots Avenue. Below is a list of the most attractive structures located on the avenue (from north to south):



Coordinates: 40°10′57″N 44°30′35″E / 40.18250°N 44.50972°E / 40.18250; 44.50972