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Mashup may refer to:

  • Mashup (culture), a general introduction to Mashup culture.
  • Mashup (music), the musical genre encompassing songs which consist entirely of parts of other songs.
  • Mashup (video), a video that is edited from more than one source to appear as one.
  • Mashup (book), a book which combines a pre-existing text, often a classic work of fiction, with a certain popular genre such as vampire or zombie narratives.
  • Mashup (web application hybrid), a web application that combines data and/or functionality from more than one source.
  • Mash-Up (Glee), a musical theater performance composed of integrated segments from other performances as popularized by the American television series Glee.
  • Mash Up (TV series), a television show on Comedy Central starring T.J. Miller.
  • Lotus Mashups, a Business Mashups editor developed and distributed by IBM as part of the IBM Mashup Center system.
  • Band Mashups, the former name of the video game Battle of the Bands.