Masjid Ahmad Ibrahim

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Masjid Ahmad Ibrahim
مسجد احمد إبراهيم
Ahmad Ibrahim Mosque
Masjid Ahmad Ibrahim facade, Yishun, Singapore - 20090526.jpg
The facade of Masjid Ahmad Ibrahim, with its sign and minaret.
Basic information
Location 15, Jalan Ulu Seletar, Singapore
Geographic coordinates 1°24′24″N 103°49′13″E / 1.4066°N 103.8204°E / 1.4066; 103.8204Coordinates: 1°24′24″N 103°49′13″E / 1.4066°N 103.8204°E / 1.4066; 103.8204
Affiliation Islam
Country Singapore

Masjid Ahmad Ibrahim, or Ahmad Ibrahim Mosque is a mosque in Singapore located along Sembawang Road.


Masjid Ahmad Ibrahim was built in 1955 and sits on a Temporary Occupation License (TOL) land. It was then known as Surau Nee Soon Jalan Ulu Seletar and its first Imam was Imam Hj Katsir.

In 1959, Ahmad bin Ibrahim, Member of Parliament for Sembawang Nee Soon and Labour Minister, helped upgrade and improve the facilities of the surau.

In 1961, the surau was upgraded to the status of a Masjid to meet the growing number of Muslims in the area. In a vote for a change of name for the Masjid, the name of Ahmad Ibrahim was chosen to recognise his contributions to the Masjid. The first Friday prayers was held soon after in that year.

Over the years, various other improvements were added to the Masjid, enhancing its capacity to a congregation of around 1,000 people.


The mosque is accessible from Khatib MRT Station.

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