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Mask (Bauhaus album)

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A black-and-white drawing of a panda, a joker-like figure and an alien creature hiding behind the shoulder of the joker. "BAUHAUS" is imprinted in the top-right corner in yellow text.
Studio album by
Released16 October 1981 (1981-10-16)[1]
StudioPlayground and Jam, London
GenrePost-punk, gothic rock, experimental[2]
LabelBeggars Banquet
Bauhaus chronology
In the Flat Field
The Sky's Gone Out

Mask is the second studio album by English gothic rock band Bauhaus. It was released on 16 October 1981 by record label Beggars Banquet.


Bauhaus expanded their style a bit on Mask, particularly by incorporating keyboards and acoustic guitar on songs such as "The Passion of Lovers", and funk rhythms and saxophone on tracks like "Kick in the Eye", "Dancing" and "In Fear of Fear".[citation needed]

The album cover is a drawing by guitarist Daniel Ash.[3] The original artwork for the album was a gatefold sleeve with blue text on the inside and a stark black-and-white image of the band.[citation needed] On later editions this inside was replaced with white text and a montage from the promotional video for the song "Mask".


Mask was released in October 1981 by record label Beggars Banquet.

"Kick in the Eye" charted at No. 29 on the US Club Play Singles chart.[4]

The 19 October 2009 CD reissue, subtitled the Omnibus Edition, included a remastered version of the original album as disc 1, a second disc of B-sides and alternate versions called Singles and Out-Takes, as well as a live CD called This Is for When..., recorded at Hammersmith Palais in London on 9 November 1981.

Reception and legacy[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Classic Rock8/10[6]
Drowned in Sound8/10[7]
Record Collector[8]

In his retrospective review of the album, Ned Raggett of AllMusic called Mask "arguably even better than the band's almost flawless debut".[5] Trouser Press described the album as "[Bauhaus'] finest achievement".[9] Classic Rock reviewer Jonathan Selzer remarked how on Mask "Bauhaus managed to sound more expansive and less withdrawn, without losing any of their austere aura", gaining "a newfound accessibility that would see them break into the Top 30."[6]

Mask was also included in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. In the album's entry in the book, Australia's Fiend Magazine editor and contributing critic Alexandra Heller-Nicholas wrote that "The sounds were harder-edged than those of Bauhaus' debut, but the introduction of more pop-friendly melodies helped to make Mask digestible for a mainstream audience."[10]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks are written by Bauhaus (Daniel Ash, David J, Kevin Haskins and Peter Murphy)

Side A
1."Hair of the Dog"2:43
2."The Passion of Lovers"3:53
3."Of Lillies and Remains"3:18
5."Hollow Hills"4:47
Side B
6."Kick in the Eye"3:39
7."In Fear of Fear"2:58
8."Muscle in Plastic"2:51
9."The Man with the X-Ray Eyes"3:05
CD reissue bonus tracks
11."In Fear of Dub"2:55
14."1. David Jay 2. Peter Murphy 3. Kevin Haskins 4. Daniel Ash"6:37
Bonus disc: Singles and Out-Takes
1."Kick in the Eye" (original single version; BEG 54[A]) 3:38
2."Satori" (BEG 54T[B]) 4:35
3."In Fear of Fear" (original version; previously unreleased) 2:43
4."In Fear of Dub" (BEG 74T[A]) 2:57
5."Muscle in Plastic" (rough mix version; previously unreleased) 3:01
6."Dancing" (rough mix version) 2:33
7."Hair of the Dog" (rough mix version; previously unreleased) 2:53
8."Monkey (Poison Pen)" (rough mix version; previously unreleased) 3:17
9."Ziggy Stardust" (rough demo version; previously unreleased, also includes a rehearsal of "Cracked Actor")David Bowie4:12
10."Earwax" (full unedited version; previously unreleased) 3:29
11."1-2-3-4" (a.k.a. "1. David Jay 2. Peter Murphy 3. Kevin Haskins 4. Daniel Ash"; BEG 59[B]) 6:33
12."Muscle in Plastic" (rejected album mix; previously unreleased) 3:22
13."Hollow Hills" (rejected album mix; previously unreleased) 4:49
14."Hair of the Dog" (rejected album mix; previously unreleased) 2:38
15."Poison Pen" (previously unreleased) 3:18
16."Kick in the Eye" (single re-mix version; BEG 54T[A]) 4:01
17."Dave and Danny's Waspie Dub #2" (previously unreleased) 5:53
Bonus disc: This Is for When...
1."This Is for When" (performed by Alan Moore)Moore1:31
2."The Passion of Lovers" 3:35
3."In the Flat Field" 4:10
4."Silent Hedges" 3:30
5."In Fear of Fear" 3:18
6."Terror Couple Kill Colonel" 3:43
7."The Man with X-Ray Eyes" 3:59
8."Dancing" 2:57
9."Mask" 5:50
10."Rosegarden Funeral of Sores"John Cale5:20
11."Hair of the Dog" 3:13
12."Kick in the Eye" 4:15
13."A God in an Alcove" 3:48
14."Hollow Hills" 4:29
15."Stigmata Martyr" 3:55
16."Dark Entries" 5:55
17."Bela Lugosi's Dead" 9:48





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