Maskinongé (electoral district)

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Quebec electoral district
Defunct federal electoral district
Legislature House of Commons
District created 1867
District abolished 1924
First contested 1867
Last contested 1921

Maskinongé was a federal electoral district in Quebec, Canada, that was represented in the House of Commons of Canada from 1867 to 1925.

It was created by the British North America Act, 1867, and was amalgamated into the Berthier—Maskinongé electoral district in 1924.

Members of Parliament[edit]

This riding elected the following Members of Parliament:

Parliament Years Member Party
1st  1867–1872     George Caron Conservative
2nd  1872–1874     Louis-Alphonse Boyer Liberal
3rd  1874–1878
4th  1878–1882     Frédéric Houde Nationalist Conservative
5th  1882–1884
 1884–1887     Alexis Lesieur Desaulniers Conservative
6th  1887–1891 Charles Jérémie Coulombe
7th  1891–1896     Joseph-Hormisdas Legris Liberal
8th  1896–1900
9th  1900–1903
 1903–1904 Hormidas Mayrand
10th  1904–1908
11th  1908–1911
12th  1911–1917     Adélard Bellemare Independent Conservative
13th  1917–1921     Hormidas Mayrand Opposition (Laurier Liberals)
14th  1921–1925     Eugène Desrochers Liberal
Riding dissolved into Berthier—Maskinongé

Election results[edit]

Canadian federal election, 1867
Party Candidate Votes
Conservative George Caron 702
Unknown Moïse Houde 564
Canadian federal election, 1872
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Louis-Alphonse Boyer 910
Conservative George Caron 681
Canadian federal election, 1874
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal BOYER, Louis-Alphonse 764
Conservative CARON, G. 607
Canadian federal election, 1878
Party Candidate Votes
     Nationalist Conservative HOUDE, Frédéric 838
Conservative DESAULNIERS, Alexis Lesieur 296
Unknown YALE, 279
Canadian federal election, 1882
Party Candidate Votes
     Nationalist Conservative HOUDE, Frédéric 1,084
Conservative CARON, George 765

By-election: On Mr. Houde's death, 15 November 1884

Canadian federal by-election, 22 November 1884
Party Candidate Votes
Conservative DESAULNIERS, Alexis Lesieur 607
Unknown COULOMBE, C.J. 570
Unknown LAFLÈCHE, D.L. 310
Canadian federal election, 1887
Party Candidate Votes
Conservative COULOMBE, C.J. 1,003
Nationalist DESAULNIERS, Alexis Lesieur 997
Canadian federal election, 1891
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal LEGRIS, Joseph-Hormisdas 1,153
Conservative COULOMBE, C.J. 1,045
Canadian federal election, 1896
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal LEGRIS, Joseph-Hormisdas 1,384
Conservative COULOMBE, Charles-Jérémie 1,094
Canadian federal election, 1900
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal LEGRIS, Joseph-Hormisdas 1,400
Conservative CARON, Sir A.P. 901
Independent DESAULNIERS, Alexis Lesieur 25

By-election: On Mr. Legris being called to the Senate, 10 February 1903

By-election on 3 March 1903
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal MAYRAND, H. acclaimed
Canadian federal election, 1904
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal MAYRAND, H. 1,480
Conservative COMEAU, J. Alphonse 1,188
Unknown THISDEL, T. 22
Canadian federal election, 1908
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal MAYRAND, Hormisdas 1,500
Unknown FOISY, Joseph 1,167
Canadian federal election, 1911
Party Candidate Votes
Independent Conservative BELLEMARE, Adélard 1,507
Liberal MAYRAND, Hormisdas 1,398
Canadian federal election, 1917
Party Candidate Votes
Opposition (Laurier Liberals) MAYRAND, Hormisdas 2,721
Unknown THIBODEAU, Adolphe-Joseph 219
Unknown LAFONTAINE, George 165
Canadian federal election, 1921
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal DESROCHERS, Eugène 4,128
Independent Conservative BELLEMARE, Adélard 1,991

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