Masochistic Religion

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Masochistic Religion
Origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Genres goth
Years active 1980s–1998
Labels KK Truly Diabolic Records
Associated acts Armed and Hammered
James Junkin Jr.

Masochistic Religion were a Canadian goth music group and one of the first goth bands from Toronto.[1] Masochistic Religion went through many line-up changes over the years with Mitch Krol as the only consistent member.[2] The band formed in the late 80s and broke up in 1998.[3] Their album Litanies of Satan is based on Charles Baudelaire's writings.[4] They were signed to Belgian label KK Records.[5] Bassist, Mopa Dean formed Toronto punk band Armed and Hammered in 1989. Mitch Krol now plays in a solo project under the name James Junkin Jr.


  • Mitch Krol - vocals
  • Mopa Dean - bass, piano
  • D'errol Flynn - guitar
  • Rebecca Rutland - guitar
  • Julie Seddon-Farris - vocals
  • Martine Mathews - guitar
  • Harry Simpson - drums[6]


Sonic Revolution Evolve (1992) KK Records
...And From This Broken Cross... ...Our Misery... (1994) KK Records
The Litanies of Satan (1997)[7][8]

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