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Mason Malmuth

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Mason Malmuth is an American poker player, and author of books on both poker and gambling.[1] He is the owner of Two Plus Two Publishing, which publishes books and runs an online gambling discussion forum.

Malmuth was born in 1951 and grew up in Coral Gables, Florida. In 1973, he received his bachelor's degree in math, and in 1975 he received his master's degree in math both from Virginia Tech.[2]

The books are authored by himself, David Sklansky, and other writers including Dan Harrington, Bill Robertie, Ray Zee, Matt Janda, Philip Newall, Ed Miller, Nick Grudzien, Collin Moshman and Alan Schoonmaker.


Year Published Title Co-author(s)
2021 Cardrooms: Everything Bad and How to Make Them Better: An Analysis of Those Areas Where Poker Rooms Need Improvement
2019 The History of the World From a Gambler's Perspective Antonio Carrasco
2017 Poker and More David Sklansky
2015 Real Poker Psychology
2009 The Professional Poker Dealer's Handbook: Expanded Edition Dan Paymar & Donna Harris
2004 Fundamentals of Craps Lynne Loomis
2004 Fundamentals of 21 Lynne Loomis
2004 Fundamentals of Video Poker Lynne Loomis
2004 Gambling Theory and Other Topics
2004 Small Stakes Hold 'em; Winning Big with Expert Play Ed Miller & David Sklansky
2001 Poker Essays Volume III
2000 Fundamentals of Poker Lynne Loomis
1999 Hold 'em Poker for Advanced Players; 21st Century Edition David Sklansky
1999 Seven-Card Stud for Advanced Players; 21st Century Edition David Sklansky & Ray Zee
1997 Gambling for a Living David Sklansky
1996 Blackjack Essays
1996 Poker Essays Volume II
1990 Poker Essays
1987 Winning Concepts in Draw and Lowball

Malmuth has also written over 600 articles for various magazines and publications.[3]


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