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Masonia (The name meaning 'Builders of music'), is a five-piece rock band hailing from Sydney, Australia. Also known as the band Blind Verdict.[citation needed] Their debut single reached #41 on the ARIA singles chart, reaching #26 in NSW.[1] The lead singer of the band, Altiyan Childs, auditioned for the first Australian season of The X Factor in 2010 and has since made it through to the finals and won. The keyboard player / backing vocalist Daniel Rivers has since moved on to producing Soul/R&B/Hip-Hop music under the name 'Dans Pies'. The bass player / backing vocalist Moe Bloomfield is currently playing in The Deer Republic who recently won the 2009 Tooheys Extra Dry UncharTED competition.[2]


  • Altiyan Childs (vocals, guitar) - Real name Altiyan Juric (original member)
  • Daniel Rivers (keys, backing vocals) - Also known as musician Dans Pies (original member)
  • Moe Bloomfield (bass, backing vocals) - Currently plays bass for The Deer Republic (original member)
  • Kris Petersen / Danul Stewart (guitar, backing vocals)
  • Dane Charles / Nathan Merryment / Frank Colaiacolo (drums)


  • "Dream" (2007)
  • Anywhere With You ep (2006)
  • World On Fire (2005)
  • "Simple" (2004) AUS #41[3]


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