Masoud Ahmadi Moghaddasi

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Masoud Ahmadi Moghaddasi
Personal details
Born 1963
Died August 2, 2005 age 42
Nationality Iranian
Occupation Judge

Judge Masoud Ahmadi Moghaddasi (مسعود احمدی مقدسی‎; 1963 – August 2, 2005) was an Iranian judge, and deputy to Saeed Mortazavi. He was assassinated by a gunman named Majid Kavousifar[1] on Tehran's Ahmad Ghasir Avenue while commuting home from work.

Moghadasi had ruled in the case of Akbar Ganji which led to Ganji's imprisonment, and was also involved in the case of Zahra Kazemi. His duties as a vice prosecutor meant that he had many potential enemies in the criminal underworld.

Moghadasi also was in charge of the trial of Iranian famous blogger Mojtaba Saminejad and his friends who were involved in that case.

Some conservative Iranian politicians, including Mohammad Kazem Anbarlouee, the editor of Resalat have condemned Mujahedin-e Khalgh Organization and alleged them to have been behind the assassination, while some exiled journalists have mentioned the possibility of him being killed by his allies, because he "knew more than [necessary] to be trustable".[this quote needs a citation]


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