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Mass Appeal
Creative Director Sacha Jenkins
Editor-In-Chief Noah Rubin
Former editors Brendan Frederick, Noah Callahan-Bever, Justin Monroe
Categories Creative Instigation
Frequency Quarterly
Publisher Peter Bittenbender
Nas (Associate publisher)[1][2]
Founder Adrian Moeller, Patrick Elasik
First issue 1996
Country USA
Based in New York City
Language English
ISSN 1532-1649

Mass Appeal is a New York based media network with a quarterly publication focused on celebrating creative instigation. The magazine began as a graffiti fan zine in 1996 and grew to become a sprawling urban trendsetter mag covering a wide variety of pop culture topics ranging from graffiti culture, hip hop music, and streetwear to skateboarding, video games, cars and movies. It often provided coverage of young artists and performers that contributed to, and shaped, contemporary hip-hop culture. Columnists included R.A. the Rugged Man, Matt Goias, Mister Cartoon, Host18 Estevan Oriol and Reas. Mass Appeal launched a spin-off called Missbehave in 2006 and suspended publication in 2008. In 2013 Mass Appeal relaunched and resumed print, kicking things off with Earl Sweatshirt and Blake Anderson on the cover of Issue 52.[3]


With a foundation in creative instigation, Mass Appeal was spawned from the tattooed walls and ink stained subways of a now bygone era. Founded by Patrick Elasik (1979-2005) and Adrian Moeller in 1996, what began as a graffiti zine evolved into much more; a collectible content collaboration truly by and for opinion leaders, trendsetters, risk takers and rule breakers. With a rich heritage in emerging culture, Mass Appeal is a nod to the past while discovering and championing what's next. With content spanning the worlds of music, art, and style, Mass Appeal continues its indelible mark on culture. Mass Appeal’s dynamic content portfolio focuses on the celebration of creative instigation and inspiration including WATCHxWITNESS, its premiere photographic documentary series, Rhythm Roulette, an innovative look into spontaneous beat-making and producer culture, On The Grind, which examines the intersection of skate and creativity, Time Pieces, short, intimate films with today’s icons and Off Tha’ Wall, its comedic interview series.

On April 10, 2013, the magazine was revived as American rapper Nas ventured into the business of magazing publishing. As a businessman and investor, he invested an undisclosed six figure sum into the magazine, where he will serve as the publication's associate publisher. On the Mass Appeal deal, he will be joined by creative firm Decon and White Owl Capital Partners, an early stage investment firm with business interests in technology, media and energy located in North America, Europe and China.[1][2]


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