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Route 110 marker

Route 110
Map of northeastern Massachusetts with Route 110 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by MassDOT
Length: 69.24 mi[1] (111.43 km)
Major junctions
West end: Route 12 in West Boylston
East end: US 1 / Route 1A in Salisbury
Counties: Worcester, Middlesex, Essex
Highway system
Route 109A Route 111

Route 110, is a southwest–northeast state highway in Massachusetts. The route travels from West Boylston in Central Massachusetts to Salisbury near the coast. Route 110 is paralleled by Interstate 495 for most of its length, and interchanges with the freeway several times along its journey.

Route description[edit]

Route 110 begins at Route 12 in West Boylston, just north of the Wachusett Reservoir and the border with Worcester. The route follows north of the reservoir, passing through Sterling before entering Clinton. In Clinton, Route 110 shares a quarter-mile concurrency with Route 62 and Route 70 before heading northward, crossing the Nashua River and passing through Lancaster.

The route continues into Bolton, crossing Route 117 and passing the Bolton Flats before entering the town of Harvard. Route 110 continues through the village of Still River, wrapping around Bare Hill Pond before joining Route 111, starting a 3.7-mile long concurrency which crosses Route 2 at Exit 38, just east of Fort Devens. The concurrency with Route 111 ends in Ayer in Middlesex County at a rotary junction with Route 2A, where Route 110 begins a concurrency with Route 2A eastward into Littleton.

In Littleton, Routes 110 and 2A cross the Fitchburg Line railroad tracks before meeting I-495 at Exit 30, beginning Route 110's long relationship with the interstate. At Route 119. Route 2A leaves Route 110 to head eastward, with Route 110 entering Westford. In Westford, Route 110 shares a short concurrency with Route 225 before continuing just south of I-495, accessing the highway again off of Boston Road. Route 110 enters Chelmsford, meeting Massachusetts Route 4 and the western end of Route 129 at the center of town, just north of the northern end of Route 27. Route 110 then crosses I-495 at Exit 34, and then shortly meets U.S. Route 3 at Exit 31, just as Route 110 enters the city of Lowell.

In Lowell, Route 110 joins Route 3A near the Gallagher Transit Center and just north of the northern end of the Lowell Connector. Route 110 continues eastward, meeting the western end of Route 133 at Route 38, joining Route 38 to head northward across the Merrimack River via the Hunts Falls Bridge. Just north of the bridge the two routes split at a rotary, with Route 38 heading west and Route 110 heading east, following the northern bank of the Merrimack on a two-lane road through Dracut and into Methuen. Up until approximately 1997, the Methuen section was a four-lane road; its total length as a four-lane road was the same as the modern two-lane road is. The change to being a two-lane road thus was most likely due to safety.

Northbound in Still River

In Methuen, Route 110 meets Route 113 at an interchange with Interstate 93 at Exit 46, splitting from Route 113 quickly, with Route 110 heading eastward into the city of Lawrence. Route 110 crosses Route 28 before heading along the north side of Campagnone Common before turning northward along Jackson Street. It then heads back into Methuen and turns eastward again along Swan Street, heading towards another junction with I-495 at Exit 46. The route then junctions Route 113 again before crossing under I-495 without junction before entering Haverhill.

In Haverhill, Routes 110 and 113 bend around the Merrimack, meeting I-495 again at Exit 49. The routes follow the banks of the Merrimack until Route 110 turns northward along Emerson Street. It crosses Route 97 before having a brief concurrency with Route 125, turning northward. The route passes Winnekenni Park and Kenoza Lake at the junction with Route 108 before crossing I-495 again at Exit 52. Route 110 then heads into Merrimac, acting as the main street through that town before entering Amesbury. In Amesbury, Route 110 junctions Route 150 and I-495 at its last exit (Exit 55) before crossing I-95 at exit 58 and entering Salisbury. Between these two interstates, Route 110 carries the traffic from one to the other as there is no direct access from 495 north to 95 south or 95 north to 495 south. The route finally ends at U.S. Route 1 (known locally as Bridge Road) just south of where Route 1A leaves it for the last time, 2.5 miles (4.0 km) west of Salisbury Beach and the Atlantic Ocean.

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi km Destinations Notes
Worcester West Boylston 0.00 0.00 Route 12 Western terminus of Route 110
Clinton 5.5 8.9 Route 62 east / Route 70 south Western end of Route 62/Route 70 concurrency
5.8 9.3 Route 62 west / Route 70 north Eastern end of Route 62/Route 70 concurrency
Bolton 9.4 15.1 Route 117
Harvard 14.4 23.2 Route 111 south Western end of Route 111 concurrency
16.0 25.7 Route 2 Exit 38 on Route 2
Middlesex Ayer 18.1 29.1 Route 2A west / Route 111 north Eastern end of Route 111 concurrency; western end of Route 2A concurrency
Littleton 22.6 36.4 I‑495 Exit 30 on I-495
23.9 38.5 Route 2A east / Route 119 Eastern end of Route 2A concurrency
Westford 25.3 40.7 Route 225 west Western end of Route 225 concurrency
25.6 41.2 Route 225 east Eastern end of Route 225 concurrency
Chelmsford 31.2 50.2 Route 4 / Route 129 east Brief concurrency with Route 4; western terminus of Route 129
31.8 51.2 I‑495 Exit 34 on I-495
32.8 52.8 US 3 Exit 31 on US 3
Lowell 34.7 55.8 Route 3A Brief concurrency with Route 3A; to Lowell Connector via Route 3A south
35.7 57.5 Route 38 south / Route 133 east Western end of Route 38 concurrency; western terminus of Route 133
36.1 58.1 Route 38 north Eastern end of Route 38 concurrency at rotary interchange above VFW Parkway
Essex Methuen 43.0 69.2 I‑93 / Route 113 west Brief concurrency with Route 113; exit 46 on I-93
Lawrence 45.3 72.9 Route 28
Methuen 47.9 77.1 I‑495 Exit 46 on I-495
49.3 79.3 Route 113 west Western end of Route 113 concurrency
Haverhill 52.0 83.7 I‑495 Exit 49 on I-495
54.3 87.4 Route 113 east Eastern end of Route 113 concurrency
54.6 87.9 Route 97
55.0 88.5 Route 125 Brief concurrency with Route 125
56.0 90.1 Route 108 north Southern terminus of Route 108
57.0 91.7 I‑495 Exit 52 on I-495
Amesbury 64.1 103.2 Route 150
65.0 104.6 I‑495 south Eastbound entrance from northbound I-495 and westbound exit to southbound I-495 only; exit 55 on I-495
65.9 106.1 I‑95 Exit 58 on I-95
Salisbury 69.24 111.43 US 1 / Route 1A Eastern terminus of Route 110
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Massachusetts Route 110A[edit]

Route 110A
Location: Amesbury-Salisbury

Route 110A was a short north-south state highway running from Amesbury to Salisbury. Its only record is a 1936 map of the area.[2]

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