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For the bay in New Zealand with the historic name of Massacre Bay, see Golden Bay.

Massacre Bay is an inlet on the southeast coast of the island of Attu in the Aleutian Islands in Alaska.[1]

Massacre Bay was among the landing sites of United States Army troops in the Battle of Attu in May 1943, which led to the recapture of the island from the Japanese during World War II.[2]

Massacre Bay is also a bay on the island of Tutuila in American Samoa. The bay was the site of a battle in the eighteenth century between French explorers and islanders in Tutuila, for which the Samoans were blamed in the West, giving them a reputation for ferocity, and from which the bay gets its name. There is another Massacre Bay at Orcas Island, Washington, U.S.


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Coordinates: 52°49′36″N 173°13′12″E / 52.82667°N 173.22000°E / 52.82667; 173.22000