Massanutten Governor's School for Integrated Environmental Science and Technology

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Coordinates: 38°44′4″N 78°38′45″W / 38.73444°N 78.64583°W / 38.73444; -78.64583

The Massanutten Regional Governor's School is one of Virginia's 18 state-initiated magnet Governor's Schools, located in Mt. Jackson, in Shenandoah County. It is a part-time school where 11th and 12th grade students take advanced classes in the morning (receiving their remaining classes from their home high school.) The curriculum centers on pressing environmental issues, while incorporating statistical analysis. The education methodology at this magnet school centers on problem-solving and pragmatism in the "real world," while also tackling the ethical and moral conundrums surrounding these often hot-button issues. By taking classes at both Massanutten Regional Governor's School and a home high school, students at Massanutten Regional Governor's School retain ties, such as club involvement and class ranking, to their home institution.

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