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Massari album.jpg
Studio album by Massari
Released Canada May 31, 2005[1]
Recorded 2004-2005 (Capital Prophet Studios)
Genre R&B, pop, hip-hop
Length 47:28
Label Capital Prophets Records Inc.
Producer Belly (exec.)
Massari (exec.)
Jason "DaHeala" Quenneville
Massari chronology
Forever Massari
(2009)Forever Massari2009
Singles from Massari
  1. "Smile for Me"
    Released: January 2005
  2. "Be Easy"
    Released: April 2005
  3. "Real Love"
    Released: 2006
  4. "Rush the Floor"
    Released: 2006

Massari is the self-titled debut album by Lebanese/Canadian R&B artist Massari released on May 31, 2005 under the label CP Records. It was co-written and co-produced by both rapper Belly and Massari and other producers included on the album are DaHeala and Lynx. The album features the hit tracks "Smile for Me" (featuring Loon), "Be Easy", " "Real Love", and "Rush the Floor" (featuring Belly). Since its release the album was certified Gold by Music Canada with over 50,000 copies sold across Canada.[2]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by S. Abboud, except where noted.

# Song Title Composer(s) Length
01 "Intro" 0:44
02 "Be Easy" S. Abboud 3:25
03 "Find a Partner" S. Abboud 3:34
04 "Smile for Me" (feat. Loon) A. Balshe, S. Abboud, C. Hawkins 4:22
05 "When I Saw You" S. Abboud 0:51
06 "Real Love" S. Abboud 4:35
07 "Rush the Floor" (feat. Belly) A. Balshe, S. Abboud 4:15
08 "Gone Away" S. Abboud 4:09
09 "Who Knows" S. Abboud 3:09
10 "Don't Let Go" (feat. Belly) A. Balshe, S. Abboud 4:12
11 "Show Me" S. Abboud 4:24
12 "Follow My Lead" (feat. Vico) S. Abboud, V. Ibrahim 3:22
13 "Inta Hayati" S. Abboud 3:20
14 "What Kinda Girl?" S. Abboud 5:06


Adapted from the Massari liner notes.[3]

  • Executive Producer: Tony Sal
  • Management: Manny Dion
  • Director of Operations: A. Balshe
  • Radio/TV Promo: DMD Entertainment - Adrian Strong
  • Publicist: DMD Entertainment - Lu Bianco
  • Vocal Arrangement: Lynx
  • Art Design: Chris McJannet
  • Photography: M. Govindji
  • Graphics: C. Lavergne


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