Massey-Harris Model 81

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Massey-Harris Model 81
Type agricultural
Manufacturer Massey-Harris
Production 1941-1948
Length 119 inches
Height 58 inches
Weight 2,895 lbs.
Propulsion wheels

The Massey-Harris Model 81 was a two-plow small-farm tractor built by Massey-Harris (later Massey Ferguson) from 1941-1948.[1] Introduced to replace Massey's General GG,[1] the 81 was paired with the Model 82 (which used kerosene, or tractor vaporizing oil {TVO}, as it was known in Britain)[2] and was very similar to the Model 101 Junior,[1] which first appeared in 1939.[3] It was offered in standard-tread and row-crop versions, as was the Model 20 that followed it. The Model 81 was joined in 1946 by the Model 20,[4] both of which survived in production until 1948.[1][4]


With a base price of around C$800,[5] it was competitive with the C$900 John Deere A.[1] and less than Ford and Ferguson-Brown models of the period.[5]


The bare weight without ballast[4] was 2,600 lb (1,170 kg),[1] some 1,100 lb {580 kg} less than the contemporary Model 30.[4]


The 81 used the same 124 in3 (2,031 cc)[1][6] engine of the 101 Junior, while the 82 used a 140 in3 (2,293 cc) model.[1] The 124 in3 was rated at 21 hp (15.7 kW) at the belt,[1] and was manufactured by Continental, like all Massey-Harris tractors at the time.[4][6]

Use by Royal Canadian Air Force[edit]

The Royal Canadian Air Force used blue-painted standards as aircraft tugs,[1] out of under 2,600 standard-tread 81s made.[7]


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