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The Massey families are prominent Canadian and American (North Carolina, Virginia and Indiana) families.

The Canadian Massey family was known for the manufacture of farm equipment and for being patrons of the arts in Canada.[1] The company which they founded went on to become Massey Ferguson.

The Virginia Massey's include Parson John Edward Massey, who once was co-owner of Ash Lawn, the former home of James Monroe next to Thomas Jefferson's Monticello at Charlottesville, Virginia. "Parson John" Massey was the second Lieutenant Governor of Virginia after the American Civil War.

One North Carolina group of Masseys are descended from Thomas Massey, who migrated from Cheshire, England to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1683 on the sloop Endeavor.

The Massy/Masseys of the mid-west stem from Nicholas Massey (1630–1688), who migrated to Dorchester, Maryland from the Isle of Ely. His second-great-grandson is Nicholas Massy/Massey of Iredell, North Carolina.

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Buildings named in honour of members of the family:

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