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Massimiliano Messieri (born 1964 Bologna, Italy) is a musician and scholar with a doctorate in composition, electronic music, and violoncello. He was selected to take part in specialization courses in composition at the Music Academy of Fiesole held by G. Manzoni (1991–1992) and at the Academie d’Eté of the IRCAM held by T. Murail and P. Manoury (Paris, 1993–1994).


Messieri is interested in contemporary arts, and has focused his music research in particular on the interaction among these arts. He has composed several ballets with the Chorea Dance Company, including Espressione I (Bologna, 1994), Quintetto (Bergamo, 1994), Tarkìz (Bologna, 1995), and Cabaret Selvaggio (Milan, 1999) with the Pierpaolo Koss Dance Company.

Art Difference[edit]

In 1994, together with artist D. Carati, Messieri organised in Bologna the artistic project Art Difference – Ipotesi di Interazioni e Coincidenze di Opere Prime di Pittori, Scultori, Compositori e Poeti, and in 1996 the art book Reazioni Interattive (D. Carati – M. Messieri), curated by L. Pestalozza and P. Serra Zanetti, was published.


In 1997, the International Festival Italian Mozart Association (IFIMA) in Rovereto commissioned him, under the aegis of the Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg, the work Don Giovanni, the redeemed rake (1998).

In 2000, the National Research Institute for Material Physics (INFM) commissioned Messieri, for the INFMeeting 2000, to write the work Leonids’ Play (composition for 5 magnetic tapes based on the real sound of the Leonids provided by NASA). In 2002, the Kunstverein of Aschersleben commissioned Messieri for the work Sojour in Leipzig (12 music portraits for violoncello and piano).

In 2004, Messieri was commissioned to compose the opera Gretchens Traum, performed at the Ettersburg Castle in Weimar, Germany.


In 2004, Messieri founded the Duo Messieri/Selva (saxophone and live electronics) with saxophonist M. Selva to promote contemporary learning of such artists as S. Bussotti, John Cage, T. Riley, J.C. Risset, G. Scelsi, etc. He recorded with Duo Messieri/Selva two audio CD's: "Noises X" (Drycastle Records, 2007) and "MA$KEN" (Drycastle Records, 2009).

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