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Massimo Scaligero, born Antonio Sgabelloni in Veroli, Italy (1906–1980) an Italian spiritual teacher, member of "Gruppo di Ur", esotericist and anthroposophist.[1]



  • The Light (La Luce): An introduction to creative imagination. Great Barrington, MA: Lindesfarne Books, 2001. ISBN 978-0-9701097-6-7.
    <New Book in English>

"The Secrets of Space and Time" Paperback: 100 pages Publisher: Lindisfarne Books (January 7, 2013) Language: English ISBN 1584201304 ISBN 978-1584201304

Italian (untranslated)[edit]

  • Treatise on Living Thinking
  • The Way of the Solar Will
  • Immortal Love
  • The Secrets of Space and Time
  • Yoga, Meditation, Magic
  • From Yoga to the Rose Cross
  • Practical Manual of Meditation
  • The Logos and the New Mysteries
  • Psychotherapy; Techniques of Inner Concentration
  • Healing with Thinking
  • Meditation and Miracles
  • Thinking as Antimaterialism
  • Western Kundalini
  • Isis Sophia
  • Zen and Logos

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