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Logo of the fictional company

Massive Dynamic is a fictional multinational conglomerate company from the TV series Fringe that develops the advancement of weapons testing, robotics, medical equipment, aeronautics, genetics, pharmaceuticals, telecommunication, energy, transportation, and entertainment technology. Fictionally, the headquarters of Massive Dynamic is located at 655 18th Street, New York ("Olivia"). However, in reality, the exterior of the new 7 World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan is used as its headquarters. For the pilot episode, interior scenes of Massive Dynamic were filmed in the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal entrance of the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Ontario. In the episode "Brown Betty", Massive Dynamic's headquarters are located in the South Tower of the original World Trade Center.

Their ongoing slogan was: "What do we do? What don't we do!"

Fictional depiction[edit]

7 World Trade Center is used as the fictional headquarters of Massive Dynamic.


Massive Dynamic was founded by William Bell (played by Leonard Nimoy) in 1992 as BELLMEDICS,[1] alongside Chief operating officer Nina Sharp (played by Blair Brown),[2][3] Bell's long-time friend, colleague and occasional romantic interest. BELLMEDICS originally helped soldiers who had lost limbs in The Persian Gulf War, with support from the United States Department of Defense. It then expanded operations and developed microlaser surgical tools for medical use. In 1998, Bell created Fleming-Monroe Aeronautics, which developed the PEARL Aerocontrol System. BELLMEDICS acquired Fleming-Monroe Aeronautics in 1999 and re-branded itself under the current name of Massive Dynamic.[1]

On the 10th anniversary of the company's founding, it expanded operations into computing and telecommunications, particularly in artificial intelligence, bio-computation and quantum cryptography. Massive Dynamic created Ludic Science in 2007, its entertainment subsidiary. Ludic Science developed Mass-Dyn Z10, a home video game console primarily for home entertainment use.[1]

Upon the death of Bell, the company ownership was fully bequeathed to Walter Bishop (played by John Noble).[4] However, when the timeline was rewritten, Bishop did not gain ownership. FBI agent Charlie Francis (played by Kirk Acevedo) estimated the company to be worth around $50 billion USD. 7 World Trade Center, the headquarters of Massive Dynamic, was destroyed in 2036 by Bishop, using an anti-matter device to avoid capture by Loyalists, and the highrise sublimated where it stood. According to Bell's testimony ("Over There, Part 2") to Walter, Massive Dynamic doesn't exist in the parallel universe; however, Bishop Dynamic does exist until at least 1985 ("Subject 13").


List of characters who currently or formerly worked for Massive Dynamic:


Tie-in website[edit]

Massive Dynamic features a tie-in website. This is an example of viral marketing, a means of promoting the program as well as supplementary material for the entertainment of fans.[9]

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