Mast Maja Maadi

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Mast Maja Maadi
Mast Maja Maadi.png
Directed byR. Ananth Raju
Produced bySoundarya Jagadish
Music byP. B. Balaji
CinematographyM. R. Seenu
Edited byTirupati Reddy
Release date
  • 12 December 2008 (2008-12-12)[1]
Running time
160 minutes

Mast Maja Maadi is a 2008 Kannada comedy-romance film directed by R. Ananth Raju featuring Sudeep, Vijay Raghavendra, Diganth, Naga Kiran, Komal and Jennifer Kotwal in the lead roles. The film features background score and soundtrack composed by P. B. Balaji and lyrics by K. Ram Narayan.[2][3] It is a remake of the 2007 Hindi comedy film Dhamaal, with the opening sequences copied from the 2006 comedy Golmaal: Fun Unlimited.


Mast Maja Maadi is the story of four good-for-nothing, unemployed youngsters in search of treasure hidden in a place in Ooty’s Botanical Gardens. Apart from them, a cop is also eyeing the treasure. The youngsters’ attempts to get the treasure all to themselves and the hurdles they face in their mission form the crux of the story[4]


Guest roles[edit]

Following actors and actresses appear as themselves in the song "Shakalaka Bhoom"


The music was composed By P. B. Balaji and released by Akshaya Audio.

Mast Maja Maadi
Soundtrack album by
P. B. Balaji
LabelAkshaya Audio
ProducerP.B. Balaji
Track list
1."Chori Chori"Ram NarayanKarthik, Chinmayi5:10
2."Jhana Jhana Kanchana"Ram NarayanBenny Dayal, Krish, P. B. Balaji, SuVi6:10
3."Ota Ota"Ram NarayanTippu, Gopal Sharma, P. B. Balaji, Janaki Iyer4:53
4."Ota Ota (Female)"Ram NarayanSuVi5:08
5."Shakalaka Bhoom"Ram NarayanBenny Dayal, Janaki Iyer6:05
Total length:27:26


Mast Maja Maadi released on 12 December 2008 in India.[1] And it also released in United States.[5] In United States Milpitas on 6 March 2009,[5] in Edison on 21 March 2009,[5] in Novi on 28 March 2009,[5] in Norwalk-Los Angeles on 4 April 2009,[5] in Flushing-New York on 25 April 2009,[5] in Falls Church on 2 May 2009,[5] in Cary on 9 May 2009,[5] in Norcross-Atlanta on 16 May 2009,[5] in Dallas on 23 May 2009,[5] in Houston on 30 May 2009,[5] in Sacramento on 6 June 2009,[5] in Niles-Chicago on 13 June 2009,[5] in Seattle on 27 June 2009[5] and in Broomfield-Connecticut on 25 April 2010.[5]


  • This movie stars the highest number of guest roles in recent times. Sudeep's role is also supposed to be a guest appearance in the film.
  • Upendra turns item boy for this film; he dances with 12 heroines for an end credits song in the style of Shah Rukh Khan's Om Shanti Om.


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