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The poster for the film Mastan
Directed by Rabi Kinagi
Written by Rabi Kinagi
Starring Jeet
Swastika Mukherjee
Music by Monmatho Mishra
Release date
22 October 2004
Running time
166 mins
Country India
Language Bengali

Mastan (Bengali: মস্তান) is a Bengali thriller Movie was released in 2004, directed by Rabi Kinagi, the movie featured Jeet, Swastika Mukherjee, Hara Patnaik and Mihir Das.It was an unofficial remake of 1999 Bollywood critically and commercially successful movie 'Jaanwar' features Akshay Kumar, Karishma Kapoor and Shilpa Shetty.[1]


The film revolves around the life of Raju (Jeet), a poor boy whose mother dies of starvation. He is taken under the fold by the local smuggler Bhanupratap. He grows up to become an antisocial and an associate of the smuggler. However, he decides to sever ties with the underworld after he falls in love with Mamata. But his past becomes a barrier in his way as Mamata's father comes to know of their relationship. Ultimately Mamata is forced to marry Avinash, a CBI officer after her father suffers a heart attack. This transforms Raju into a ruthless criminal. Meanwhile Avinash, the husband of Mamata, comes into town. He disrupts and puts a stop to Bhanupratap's smuggling business and he sends Raju to kill him. But raju confronts Mamata who begs him to spare Avinash's life. Raju asks them to leave the city. The train Mamata was travelling in meets with an accident. They lose their child. Raju now turns off from the underworld (as he could not kill Avinash) and finds the child.




Songs are Tor Hasite Ami Hasi

Tomake Na Jodi Dekhi

Sono Sabhi

O Daradi Tui Jas Na Chole

Amar Swapner Raja

Critical reception[edit]

The film was a critically and commercially failure and got mostly negative reviews.



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