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For other uses, see Mastenbroek (disambiguation).
Map of the Mastenbroek polder in about 1750. The village of Mastenbroek can be seen in the middle of the polder ("Mastenbroecker kerck", Mastenbroek church).

Mastenbroek is a polder in the Dutch province of Overijssel. It lies north of the city of Zwolle. "Mastenbroek" is also the name of a small village, built around a church in the middle of the polder.

The polder is part of three municipalities: the western part, including the hamlet Bisschopswetering and half of the village of Mastenbroek, lies in Kampen; the southeastern part lies in Zwolle; and the northeastern part, including the hamlet of Nieuwe Wetering and the other half of the village of Mastenbroek, lies in Zwartewaterland.

Coordinates: 52°34′30″N 6°1′25″E / 52.57500°N 6.02361°E / 52.57500; 6.02361