MasterChef Australia (series 11)

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MasterChef Australia (series 11)
Country of originAustralia
No. of episodes36
Original networkNetwork 10
Original release29 April 2019 (2019-04-29) –
Series chronology
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Series 10

The eleventh series of MasterChef Australia premiered on 29 April 2019 on Network 10.[1] The previous season's co-hosts and judges, Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston returned for the series.


Former contestants Poh Ling Yeow, Billie McKay, and Matt Sinclair replaced Shannon Bennett as the contestants' mentors.[2]


Top 24[edit]

The Top 24 were announced on 29-30 April 2019.[3][4]

Contestant Age State Occupation Status
Anushka Zargaryan 49 VIC Optical Dispenser Competing
Ben Trobbiani 24 SA Pharmacist Competing
Christina Laker 29 QLD Naturopathy Student Competing
Derek Lau 26 WA Financial Analyst Competing
Larissa Takchi 22 NSW Restaurant Manager Competing
Nicole Scott 24 QLD HR Assistant Competing
Sandeep Pandit 37 VIC IT Project Manager Competing
Simon Toohey 32 VIC Cocktail Barman Competing
Tati Carlin 49 VIC Receptionist Competing
Tessa Boersma 27 QLD Criminal Statistician Competing
Tim Bone 33 VIC Cooking and Gardening Educator Competing
Returned 10 June
Eliminated 3 June
Steph De Sousa 45 NSW HR Specialist Eliminated 17 June
Abbey Rose 28 NSW Kitchen & Homewares Buyer Eliminated 13 June
Walleed Rasheed 38 VIC Marketing Analyst Eliminated 10 June
Joe Ahern 22 WA Digital Production Assistant Eliminated 6 June
Kyle Lyons 29 WA Brewery Sales Manager Eliminated 30 May
Leah Milburn-Clark 22 VIC Theatre Manager Eliminated 27 May
Blake Werner 23 VIC Bar Manager Eliminated 23 May
Jess Hall 28 NSW Travel Agent Eliminated 20 May
Mandy Hall 51 SA Stay-at-home Mum Eliminated 16 May
Monica Mignone 27 VIC Primary School Teacher Eliminated 13 May
Yossra Abouelfadl 36 NSW Pharmacist Eliminated 9 May
Dee Williams 37 VIC Office Manager Eliminated 6 May
Huda Al-Sultan 34 SA Dietician Eliminated 5 May

Guest chefs[edit]

Week Guest Chef Challenge
1 Sashi Cheliah Auditions Part 1
Curtis Stone Immunity Challenge
2 Darren Purchese Pressure Test
Max Sharrad Immunity Challenge
(Nigella Week)
Nigella Lawson All Challenges & MasterClass
Coskun Uysal Immunity Challenge
(Legends Week)
Rick Stein Mystery Box Challenge
Clare Smyth Pressure Test
Donovan Cooke Immunity Challenge
Yotam Ottolenghi Team Challenge & Elimination Challenge
(Secrets Week)
Edward Yulianto Mystery Box Challenge
Leno Lattarulo Pressure Test
Andy Allen Immunity Challenge
Rosa Mitchell Team Challenge
Olimpia Bortolotto
(Queensland Week)
Shannon Kellam Pressure Test
Ben Williamson Immunity Challenge
Elena Duggan Team Challenge
Ash Martin MasterClass
7 Jessie McTavish Immunity Challenge
Maggie Beer Team Challenge & Elimination Challenge
(Sweet Week)
Heston Blumenthal Mystery Box Challenge
Kate Reid Pressure Test
Alice Wright Immunity Challenge

Elimination chart[edit]

Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
None Abbey Jess Larissa Derek Simon Simon Larissa
Win: Tim Win: Tessa
Lose: Derek
Lose: Simon Lose: Tati Win: Sandeep Lose: Anushka Win: Tessa
Anushka Top 24 IN Btm 19 Team Lose IN Team Win IN Team Lose Btm 3 Team Win Top 4 Team Win IN Team Lose Top 3
Ben Top 24 IN Btm 19 Team Win IN Team Win IN Btm 3 IN Btm 2 Btm 4 Btm 2 Top 3 Team Win Top 3
Christina Top 24 IN Btm 19 Btm 4 IN Team Lose IN Team Lose IN Team Lose IN Team Lose Btm 3 Btm 3 IN
Derek Top 24 IN Top 3 Team Lose Top 5 Team Lose Btm 3 Team Win WIN Team Win Top 4 Team Win IN Team Win Btm 3
Larissa Top 24 IN Btm 19 Team Lose Btm 5 Team Win WIN Team 2nd Top 3 Team Lose Btm 4 Team Win IN Btm 3 WIN
Nicole Top 24 IN Btm 4 Team Win IN Team Lose IN Team Win IN Team Win Top 4 Btm 4 Btm 3 Team Win IN
Sandeep Top 24 IN Btm 19 Team Lose IN Team Win IN Team 2nd Top 3 Team Win IN Team Win IN DNP/Imm. IN
Simon Top 24 IN Btm 19 Team Lose Top 5 Team Win IN Team Lose IN Btm 5 WIN Btm 4 WIN Team Lose Btm 3
Tati Top 24 IN Btm 19 Team Win IN Btm 5 Top 3 Btm 3 Top 3 Team Win IN Team Win IN Team Lose IN
Tessa Top 24 IN Top 3 Team Lose/Imm. Top 5 Team Win IN Team 2nd IN Team Win IN Team Lose Top 3 Team Win IN
Tim Top 24 Top 4 Btm 23/Imm. Team Win IN Team Win IN Team 2nd IN Team Win Elim Eliminated (Ep 26) Team Win Top 3
Steph Top 24 IN Btm 19 Team Win Top 5 Btm 5 Top 3 Team 2nd IN Btm 5 Btm 4 Team Lose IN Team Win Elim Eliminated (Ep 36)
Abbey Top 24 IN WIN Team Win Btm 5 Btm 5 Top 3 Team Win IN Team Win Top 4 Team Win Top 3 Elim Eliminated (Ep 34)
Walleed Top 24 IN Btm 19 Btm 4 IN Team Lose IN Team Win IN Team Lose IN Team Win Elim Eliminated (Ep 31)
Joe Top 24 Top 4 Btm 19 Team Win IN Team Win IN Team 2nd IN Btm 5 IN Elim Eliminated (Ep 29)
Kyle Top 24 IN Top 3 Btm 4 IN Team Win IN Team Win Btm 3 Elim Eliminated (Ep 24)
Leah Top 24 IN Btm 19 Team Win Btm 5 Team Win Btm 3 Team Win Elim Eliminated (Ep 21)
Blake Top 24 IN Btm 19 Team Win Top 5 Team Lose IN Elim Eliminated (Ep 19)
Jess Top 24 IN Btm 19 Team Win WIN Btm 2 Elim Eliminated (Ep 16)
Mandy Top 24 Top 4 Btm 19 Team Win Btm 5 Elim Eliminated (Ep 14)
Monica Top 24 IN Btm 19 Team Lose Elim Eliminated (Ep 11)
Yossra Top 24 IN Btm 4 Elim Eliminated (Ep 9)
Dee Top 24 Top 4 Elim Eliminated (Ep 6)
Huda Top 24 IN Elim Eliminated (Ep 5)
Eliminated Huda Dee Yossra Monica Mandy Jess Blake Leah Kyle Tim
1st Elimination
Joe Walleed Abbey Steph

Episodes and ratings[edit]

Colour key:
     – Highest rating during the series
     – Lowest rating during the series
Ep#/Wk-Ep# Original airdate Episode Title/Event Total viewers (five metro cities) Nightly Ranking Ref
Week 1
1/01-1 Monday, 29 April 2019 Series Premiere:
Auditions Part 1
- Auditionees cooked their dishes within an hour to secure their places in the Top 24. Eighteen hopefuls received aprons with three votes from the judges, and thirteen contestants with one or two "yes" votes have to cook again for the six remaining spots in the competition.
715,000 7 [5]
2/01-2 Tuesday, 30 April 2019 Auditions Part 2 - MasterChef alumni Billie McKay, Matt Sinclair and Poh Ling Yeow guide thirteen hopefuls in their second audition with 75 minutes to cook with their choice of ingredients from one of the three pantries selected by each mentor. Each dish will be tasted blindly by the judges. During the judging, Dee was the first to advance with her Sri Lankan crab curry. Afterwards, Larissa, Sandeep, Christina, Monica and Leah also succeeded with their dishes and claimed the last five places in the Top 24. 678,000 9 [6]
3/01-3 Wednesday, 1 May 2019 Desert Island Cooking Challenge - The first cook in the competition tasked the Top 24 to prep a dish in 75 minutes they'd cook if they were on a 'Desert Island'. For this week, there are no elimination challenges and the four contestants with standout dishes compete in the first Immunity Challenge. The cooks who succeeded in that challenge were Dee, Mandy, Joe and Tim. 721,000 6 [7]
4/01-4 Thursday, 2 May 2019 Immunity Challenge: Keeping up with Curtis Stone - To win the first immunity pin, the four contestants had to follow steps from Curtis Stone in cooking his steak and chips with broccolini and bearnaise sauce. In the judging, all four impressed but Dee's bearnaise was fatty and lacked mustard seeds while both Joe's and Mandy's steaks were slightly undercooked. Despite his mistake of putting sugar in his sauce, Tim's other elements succeeded, giving him the pin. 680,000 6 [8]
Week 2
5/02-1 Sunday, 5 May 2019 Judges' Favourites Mystery Box Challenge & Black Box Elimination Challenge - The Top 24 faced the first Mystery Box Challenge. Inside, the judges had selected nine ingredients, with the contestants to cook with at least one in 75 minutes. The five standout dishes (Tessa, Tim, Steph, Abbey and Anushka) were named and the first to compete for Immunity will be Abbey. The other contestants faced another Mystery Box containing black ingredients with 75 minutes to cook. The top three contestants will compete for immunity but the bottom four will be announced and the contestant who cooked the worst dish will be eliminated while the others were sent to tomorrow's Pressure Test. Tim used his immunity pin to skip the challenge. Tessa, Kyle and Derek triumphed and joined Abbey for the Immunity challenge. Yossra, Huda, Nicole and Dee were judged worst. Huda cooked a steak paired with eggplant and a tomato blackberry vinaigrette. Unfortunately, the judges found the steak overcooked while the dish as a whole lacked flavour, and she was eliminated. 638,00 7 [9]
6/02-2 Monday, 6 May 2019 Pressure Test: Darren Purchese's Bombe Alaska - Dee, Nicole and Yossra had to recreate the recipe of Darren Purchese's bombe alaska in 45 steps. Nicole impressed despite the lack of tempered chocolate in her caramel ice cream. While her meringue coating was uneven, Yossra's dish also won praise. However during the cook, Dee's ice cream was too thick and she had to remake it but her second take was too eggy and her brownie was too dry and heavy, making her the next contestant to leave the competition. 607,000 13 [10]
7/02-3 Tuesday, 7 May 2019 Immunity Challenge: Max Sharrad - Abbey, Derek, Kyle and Tessa cooked their fried chicken dishes in the 45-minute first round. Both Tessa's buffalo wings and Derek's Korean chicken wings impressed the judges and for the first time, they advanced to the second round to cook against Young Chef of the Year Max Sharrad. In 75 minutes, they chose oranges as the core ingredient for their dishes. Derek's white chocolate orange mousse lacked finesse, scoring 16 points. Max's kingfish and orange dish received 19 points but lost to Tessa's 28 points for her pork belly dish, winning her the immunity pin. 654,000 9 [11]
8/02-4 Wednesday, 8 May 2019 Briagolong Drought Buffet Team Challenge - Two teams cooked a feast for the local farmers and volunteers of disaster relief charity Lions Need for Feed at Briagolong, Victoria with three hours to prep three mains highlighting the core ingredient (meat for the Red team and seafood for the Blue), three side dishes and one dessert before serving in ten minutes. During the cook, both teams struggled early in prepping their dishes. The dishes from Tim's Red team earned overall praise from the judges. Larissa's Blue team also impressed with their dishes but despite special mentions in Sandeep's prawn curry and Christina's sticky date pudding, the dishes cooked by each team member lacked cohesion as a complete buffet menu, sending them to elimination. 664,000 8 [12]
9/02-5 Thursday, 9 May 2019 Favourite Ingredients Elimination Challenge - After Tessa used her pin to skip elimination, the other members of the losing team had to cook with either their favourite or least favourite ingredient, with the bottom four dishes being sent to the second round. Christina, Kyle, Walleed and Yossra had 60 minutes to cook with their remaining ingredient. Yossra struggled to cook with her least favourite ingredient and her white chocolate mousse was heavy, didn't set and was overpowered by the flavour of the orange. The judges agreed that her fellow competitors redeemed themselves from their first round dishes and Yossra was eliminated. 640,000 7 [13]
9/02-6 Masterclass 1: George Calombaris, Poh Ling Yeow, Billie McKay, Matt Sinclair and Matt Preston - George, Matt and the mentors presented their dishes to handle the competition: George used this week’s mystery box ingredients to make his tortellini with broth, Poh cooked her two desserts using orange selected from the Invention test: a spiced orange brûlée tart and a cocoa pistachio pâté sablée with an orange salad, Billie demonstrated a dish showcasing carrots in four ways, a duck red curry cooked by Matt Sinclair and Matt Preston's five elements recipe in five minutes: flatbread, instant chipotle mayo, pickled jalapeños, microwave salsa and cooked proteins - chicken and prawns. 419,000 16 [13]
Week 3 - Nigella Week
10/03-1 Sunday, 12 May 2019 Nigella's Mystery Box Challenge & Team Relay Invention Test - Nigella Lawson brought her selected ingredients in the Mystery Box: mint vanilla bean, lamb mince, whiting, semolina, date molasses, red plums, red whitloff and nigella seeds; for the contestants to cook a dish in 75 minutes. Jess advanced to the Immunity Challenge with her pavlova with vanilla and plums. The remaining contestants in the top five start the first leg of a team relay Invention Test, cooking dishes featuring pistachios. Simon's Yellow team succeeded with a lone savoury dish and in the tasting, Abbey's Green team and Nicole's Red team failed to highlight the nuts - during the changeovers, Walleed, the second cook in the Red team, changed the dish and mistook star anise as the core ingredient until Kyle, who was last in the cook, salvaged it. The dish lacked balance but Abbey's poor performance as captain and lack of teamwork produced a dish with technical issues, sending her team straight to elimination. 573,000 7 [14]
11/03-2 Monday, 13 May 2019 Pressure Test: Nigella's Tarragon French Roast Chicken - The bottom five were given 90 minutes to recreate Nigella's roast chicken with the contestants' choosing two sides and a sauce. In the tasting, Leah and Abbey excelled with the latter earning the dish of the day. Mandy's side dishes impressed but her sauce was bland and Larissa's fennel was undercooked. But ultimately, the combination of half-cooked potatoes and a bitter sour gravy were enough to send Monica home in a sad farewell. 615,000 13 [15]
12/03-3 Tuesday, 14 May 2019 Immunity Challenge: Coskun Uysal - In the first round, the cooks prep a custard dish (sweet or savoury) in 60 minutes to compete for immunity. Simon's Japanese set custard beats Tessa's chilli chocolate creme brulee to cook against guest chef Coskun Uysal. With 75 minutes to cook, Simon selected duck, onion, garlic, bay leaf and peas for his dish. Coskun served a roast duck with peas two ways in 60 minutes, scoring 36 points to Simon's overcooked duck leg with 24 points. 592,000 12 [16]
13/03-4 Wednesday, 15 May 2019 Historical Three-Course Meal Team Challenge - Two teams prep at the State Library Victoria to recreate a three-course dinner from 20th century royal state receptions in Australia, to be served for 80 teachers from Victoria in two-and-a-half hours. The Burgundy team led by Steph prep the menu for Queen Elizabeth II's first visit in 1954 while the Purple team led by Kyle cooked dishes during the coronation of Prince Edward of Wales in May 1920. The Purple team struggled early on their entrees at prep time. During service, their whiting was inconsistently cooked but the Burgundy team had served their mains with undercooked chicken. Despite their efforts to fix it and overall praise for their entree and dessert, they are at risk of elimination after the rival team won the challenge. 642,000 9 [17]
14/03-5 Thursday, 16 May 2019 Condiments Elimination Challenge - The ten contestants facing elimination each take turns to guess the names of a condiment in front of them in the first round. Abbey, Jess, Mandy, Steph and Tati, with incorrect guesses, had 60 minutes to make a condiment that complements their dishes. While the others are announced safe, Jess and Mandy faced elimination. Jess' sweet potato dumplings impressed in the judging but had issues with the texture of the filling. Mandy served a peri-peri chicken with roasted cabbage and while her peri-peri sauce earned praise, the rest of the elements in her dish were too greasy and failed to highlight her sauce, leaving her eliminated. 636,000 7 [18]
14/03-6 Masterclass 2: Gary Mehigan, Nigella Lawson and Matt Preston - The remaining contestants attended their second MasterClass from Nigella and the judges at Fresh Select Farm in Werribee. The judges presented their recipes: Gary's Thai fish larb and Matt's vegetable lasagne. Nigella, with help from George, cooked her two favourite recipes: chilli mint lamb cutlets with mint and preserved lemon sauce, and sticky toffee pudding. 415,000 16 [18]
Week 4 - Legends Week
15/04-1 Sunday, 19 May 2019 Rick Stein's Mystery Box Challenge & Fish and Potatoes Invention Test - Famed chefs made guest appearances in each challenge for this week. Rick Stein brought his Mystery Box with ingredients for the contestants. Larissa was the first to advance to the Immunity Challenge with her grilled cuttlefish with bone marrow puree and tomato sugo. In the 75-minute Invention Test, the remaining cooks had to make a dish featuring fish and potatoes. Abbey, Steph and Tati thrived and joined Larissa for immunity. Derek, Leah and Jess fell short with their dishes and were named as the bottom three. 630,000 6 [19]
16/04-2 Monday, 20 May 2019 Pressure Test: Clare Smyth's Pear and Lemon Verbena Vacherin - Clare Smyth gave four hours for Derek, Jess and Leah to replicate her intricate dessert of meringue, pears and lemon verbana before they plated it in ten minutes. Derek succeeded with his dish and Leah also impressed but her pear discs are too thin. Last to be tasted was Jess and her meringue was too fragile while her cream was loose. The dish had collapsed after plating, leaving the judges to eliminate her. 600,000 14 [20]
17/04-3 Tuesday, 21 May 2019 Immunity Challenge: Donovan Cooke - Abbey, Larissa, Steph and Tati had 45 minutes to cook their dishes using one of three commercial appliances: a sandwich press, an electric kettle or a microwave. Donovan Cooke returned to cook against Tati who won the first round. In 75 minutes, she selected chillis from the garden to cook her dish. Tati cooked a Thai green grilled spatchcock with pumpkin and coconut but in the tasting, the dish received mixed reviews in the presentation and cohesion. After judging, Donovan succeeded with his whiting, mussels and chillis to beat Tati and scored 27 points to 21. 618,000 9 [21]
18/04-4 Wednesday, 22 May 2019 Street Food Service Challenge - The cooks divided into three teams of six, taking responsibility for serving three international street foods (two proteins and one vegetarian) to 120 customers, the judges and Yotam Ottolenghi at HWKR Food centre in Melbourne. Nicole's Yellow team will serve Mexican food, the Green team under Simon as captain cooked the steet foods of India and the Blue team led by Tessa prep the Malaysian dishes. In 90 minutes, all teams struggled in prepping their dishes but Nicole was able to manage her team to finish before service. Despite minor reviews on their last dish, the other dishes stood out and the team are pronounced safe. The Blue team had problems with their nasi goreng as the rice was claggy and the sambal was not cooked enough while their beef satays had mixed reviews in the tasting. However, the Green team fared worse throughout the cook with all of their dishes - they stumbled early on in the prep and in service; their tandoori chicken was too salty, the vegetarian samosas lacked a flavoursome sauce and they forgot to prep the rice for their fish curry. 634,000 8 [22]
19/04-5 Thursday, 23 May 2019 Deli Items Elimination Challenge - The six cooks took turns to name different deli items with the first three to choose incorrectly going to elimination: Ben, Blake and Tati were given 60 minutes to cook their dishes with correctly-identified ingredients from the first round. In the judging, Tati's laksa won overall praise. The judges thought Ben's cheeseboard lacked execution but while Blake impressed with the cooking of his beef; his potato puree was too sticky while the other elements of his dish didn't meet the mark, eliminating him. 680,000 6 [23]
Week 5 - Secrets Week
20/05-1 Sunday, 26 May 2019 Dumpling Box Challenge & Top Secret Invention Test - The daily challenges this week remained in secrecy for the contestants to determine the objectives. Din Tai Fung restaurant chef Edward Yulianto teaches the cooks how to make dumplings for their first challenge. After 75 minutes, Christina and Derek produced two standout dumplings over the others (Anushka, Joe and Tati). The judges selected Derek by split decision to advance. The other contestants cook their own dishes to secure one of the three remaining places in the Immunity Challenge. Tati, Larissa and Sandeep all succeeded but Anushka, Leah and Kyle failed to deliver, sending them to the Pressure Test. 644,000 7 [24]
21/05-2 Monday, 27 May 2019 Pressure Test: Leno Lattarulo's Seafood Paella - Anushka, Kyle and Leah had to decipher and recreate a paella by Leno Latturlo in 90 minutes without a recipe. After the judges tasted, Anushka's dish excelled. Kyle's ratio of the rice was off but Leah burnt her rice, creating a bitter char, and led to her elimination. 651,000 13 [25]
22/05-3 Tuesday, 28 May 2019 Immunity Challenge: Secret Chef - The judges presented their favourite sauces for Derek, Larissa, Sandeep and Tati to use with their dishes in the 60-minute first round. Sandeep's used Matt Preston's tamarind and chipotle ketchup for his lobster masala to win and cook against the guest chef, who was revealed during the 60-minute cook. Lemons were chosen from the citrus fruits on offer, with 75 minutes to cook a dish.The guest chef was revealed to be season 4 winner Andy Allen who cooked a confit squid with adobo sauce and corn salsa, but he lost to a perfect score of 30 points from Sandeep with his lemon pepper chicken with lemon rice and raita, earning him the immunity pin. 611,000 10 [26]
23/05-4 Wednesday, 29 May 2019 Italian Four-Course Meal Service Challenge - Two teams of contestants cooked a four-course Italian menu for 80 guests led by Rosa Mitchell of Rosa's Cantina for Abbey's Red team and Olimpia Bortolotto from Cecconi's for Christina's Green team. During prep time, the Red team decided to cook a beef cheeks dish despite Rosa's suggestion for the main and guessed the ratios of their panna cottas for dessert while the Green team struggled to prep their pasta for the entree. Their dishes impressed in the tasting but their calamari dish for the appetizer had issues and against the overall praise of the Red team's dishes, the Green team are sent to elimination. 648,000 9 [27]
24/05-5 Thursday, 30 May 2019 Blind Taste Test Elimination Challenge - The contestants had to guess an ingredient while blindfolded. Ben, Joe, Kyle, Simon and Steph had 60 minutes to cook their dishes in the second round while the judges tasted each dish blindly after the cook. Simon's lamb dish earned praise in its technicality, Joe's dish earned praise in the flavours despite his pasta being too thick, Steph's tart also won praise while Ben's sambal prawns was least impressive and Kyle's pumpkin was too firm and his pork ribs are not braised enough. Afterwards, the other three are announced safe leaving Ben and Kyle as the bottom two. However, with an undercooked pork and a raw pumpkin, Kyle was eliminated from the competition. 633,000 8 [28]
Week 6 - Queensland Week
25/06-1 Sunday, 2 June 2019 Brisbane Box Challenge & Howard Smith Wharves Food Truck Challenge - The first challenge in Queensland tasked the contestants to cooks with native Queensland ingredients from the Mystery Box in 60 minute at Howard Smith Wharves in Brisbane. Tati, Abbey, Tessa and Nicole all delivered impressive dishes as the Top 5 but Simon won with his crab salad and advanced to the Immunity Challenge. The remaining cooks were divided into pairs: Dark Green Team (Walleed and Joe), Red Team (Abbey and Derek), Maroon Team (Larissa and Steph), Green Team (Tati and Sandeep), Blue Team (Anushka and Nicole), Yellow Team (Tessa and Christina) and Purple Team (Ben and Tim), with each team running a food truck to serve $7.50 and $5 dishes with two-and-a-half hours for prep. The teams raised over $5000 for SecondBite. Abbey and Derek delivered the best dishes while Nicole and Anushka raised the most at $1,045. Both teams advanced to the Immunity Challenge with Simon. Christina and Tessa's dishes lacked execution while Tati and Sandeep struggled in the prep time and their chilli dish was too thin but the other teams fared worse throughout the cook - Larissa and Steph set their ovens for their food truck on fire, leaving no food to serve for the customers. Raising the least money, they were sent to elimination. Joining them were Tim and Ben who delivered two disappointing dishes. 621,000 8 [29]
26/06-2 Monday, 3 June 2019 Pressure Test: Shannon Kellam’s Chocolate de Passion - Larissa, Steph, Tim & Ben had to recreate Shannon Kellam's intricate dessert based on memory from the demonstration prior to the cook. Although facing a few issues before the end of the challenge, Larissa excelled with her presentation and outstanding flavours in the dish, earning her dish of the day. Steph also impressed the judges with her take on the dish. In the end, although Ben had issues with flavour and his chocolate work, Tim had too many technical errors in his dish and he was eliminated. 681,000 11 [30]
27/06-3 Tuesday, 4 June 2019 Immunity Challenge: Ben Williamson - In the first round, Abbey, Anushka, Nicole, Derek & Simon all had to cook a dish that heroed ginger. Anushka won the challenge with her chicken and prawn dumplings with ginger broth to cook against chef Ben Williamson in round 2. Anushka chose pineapple to hero and cooked a Pineapple Lemon Cake that scored her 19 points as the pineapple flavour was not strong enough, but Ben Williamson made a salad dish that heroed lemon myrtle and he scored 25 points, so Anushka did not win the pin. 635,000 10 [31]
28/06-4 Wednesday, 5 June 2019 Noosa Barbecue Feast Team Challenge - In the Noosa Surf Club Restaurant BBQ Challenge, Walleed’s Blue Team and Joe’s Green Team competed to make two meat dishes and two side dishes for 150 diners each. On the Blue Team, Abbey’s Turmeric Garlic Prawns stole the show and although their lamb was inconsistently cooked and Walleed’s leadership was questioned, they received high praise and his Blue Team won the challenge. On Joe’s Green Team, although their beef and eggplant went down well, their prawns were way over-cooked and they landed in elimination. 531,000 15 [32]
29/06-5 Thursday, 6 June 2019 Seafood Elimination Challenge - This week's elimination took place in two rounds. In the first round all the losing team contestants had to take part in a Skills Test, where they had to peel prawns, fillet and debone snapper, and take the tail out of two bugs. The three contestants that did the best job were safe whereas the other four went into round 2. The three safe contestants were Tessa, Steph and Christina. The other four had to create a seafood platter using the seafood they prepared. Nicole and Simon made exceptional dishes. The bottom two were Ben and Joe, with Joe going home 564,000 9 [33]
29/06-6 MasterClass 3: Ash Martin at The Homage, Spicers Hidden Vale - The contestants participated in their third masterclass at the Homage Restaurant, located within the Spicers Hidden Vale resort, with the head chef Ash Martin. Ash cooked, showcasing local and sustainably sourced Queensland produce, charred yabbies and smoked damper on the Homage's trademark smokehouse coal pits. The judges also cooked a number of dishes, with Matt demonstrating a 'chocolate torte with rum and chilli' and a 'steamed pudding with ginger marmalade', Gary created a 'curry two ways' and George made a 'surf and turf' all using local produce. 366,000 20 [33]
Week 7
30/07-1 Sunday, 9 June 2019 'Everything Mystery Box' Challenge and Whole Ingredients Invention Test - The contestants had to use all of the items in their mystery box: extra virgin olive oil, Greek yoghurt, brussels sprouts, lamb rack, rosemary, lemon, leek and parsnip. Only the top three dishes, Derek, Tessa and Simon’s, were chosen for tasting, with Simon’s being declared the winner and he advanced to a chance at immunity. For the invention test, the contestants were asked to produce a dish that featured every part of a chosen ingredient. Abbey, Ben and Tessa produced stand-out dishes sending them through to immunity. Waleed, Nicole and Christina, who each had major flaws in their respective dishes, were sent to the elimination challenge. 489,000 7 [34]
31/07-2 Monday, 10 June 2019 Lucky Dip Elimination Challenge and Second Chance Cook-Off - Nicole, Christina and Walleed had to blindly choose a protein and a side ingredient to pair in their dish. Christina impressed the judges with her Chinese-inspired Duck and Spinach Broth, earning high praise and being announced safe. Although Nicole had issues with the grape elements to her Rabbit and Grape dish, Walleed completely missed the point of his artichokes, leaving out the heart and was therefore eliminated. All the eliminated contestants, including Walleed, had the opportunity to win their way back into the competition. They all had to create a dish using a pair of ingredients from the selection in the previous elimination challenge. The top 4 dishes belonged to Yossra, Jess, Kyle and Tim, and Tim won to earn his way back into the competition. 674,000 11 [35]
32/07-3 Tuesday, 11 June 2019 Immunity Challenge: Jessie McTavish - Abbey, Ben, Simon & Tessa awoke to a letter from the judges containing instructions to visit Coles to buy one fresh ingredient for round one of the immunity challenge. The contestants had to use three of the chosen ingredients in a dish. The winner, Tessa, cooked off against Jesse McTavish from North Bondi Fish. Tessa chose to hero cheese and onion over salt and vinegar. Jesse made an onion soup with croutons and scored 22 points from the judges but it was no match for Tessa's Cheese and Onion Millefeuille that wowed the judges, scoring her 27 out of 30 and earning her the immunity pin. 655,000 10 [36]
33/07-4 Wednesday, 12 June 2019 Picnic at Hanging Rock Team Challenge - Maggie Beer and the judges instruct two teams who had three hours to assemble 25 picnic baskets containing dishes (savoury, a sandwich, a salad, a dip dish and a dessrt) for 100 picknickers in Hanging Rock, Victoria. The Red team under Anushka's captaincy struggled in prep time and serve their dishes late. Their dishes are well received but are uninspired while their fritatas and salads had too many ingredients and against the overall praise of the dishes of Derek's Green team, Anushka's poor leadership drag the Red team to elimination. 731,000 6 [37]
34/07-5 Thursday, 13 June 2019 Herbs and Spices Elimination Challenge - Sandeep, who couldn't participate in last night's team challenge, used his immunity pin to avoid elimination. The first round tasked the losing team members to cook dishes featuring herbs. Abbey, Christina and Larrisa, who served undercooked dishes, are sent into the second round to feature spices. Christina was first to be declared safe with her mussells dish featuring turmeric. Larissa also impressed with her ginger dessert but despite an impressive run, Abbey's dish did not meet the brief - the spices did not feature heavily enough, her fried calamari was too fatty and it was her overuse of the oil in the dish that became her undoing. 663,000 6 [38]
Week 8 - Sweet Week
35/08-1 Sunday, 16 June 2019 Heston's Mystery Box Challenge & Cereal Invention Test - The Top 12 faced the Mystery Box challenge to cook dessert dishes with ingredients given by Heston Blumenthal. Larissa beat Tessa and Steph to advance in the Immunity challenge while the other contestants cook their second dessert dishes featuring cereals. Ben, Anushka and Tim excelled but Derek, Steph and Simon faltered during the cook and produced their dessert dishes with technical errors. They were sent to elimination which was announced to start straight in a two-day Pressure test. 605,000 7 [39]
36/08-2 Monday, 17 June 2019 Two-Day Pressure Test: Kate Reid's Black Forrest Lune Croissant - Croissant baker Kate Reid from Melbourne gave the bottom three 90 minutes to prep her croissant recipe in the first day and bake it before garnishing on the next day. During the tasting, Simon's bread won praise. Although Derek missed out the tempered chocolate, his croissant was baked well. The judges were impressed with Steph's but overall, the bread was underbaked and the frangipane was raw and while she nailed the presention, it was not enough to keep her safe. Her undercooking outweighed the missing chocolate of Derek's croissant and Steph was eliminated from the competiton. 648,000 7 [40]
37/08-3 Tuesday, 18 June 2019 Immunity Challenge: Alice Wright -
38/08-4 Wednesday, 19 June 2019 Team Challenge -
39/08-5 Thursday, 20 June 2019 Sugar-Free Elimination Challenge -


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