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MasterChef Israel Logo & Wordmark.png
Genre Cooking
Presented by Haim Cohen
Eyal Shani
Michal Ansky
Rafi Adar (season 1)
Yonatan Roschfeld(season 2 - present)
Country of origin Israel
Original language(s) Hebrew
No. of series 7 (5 regular seasons, Junior season and VIP season)
No. of episodes 106
Producer(s) Gil Productions
Running time 90-120 minutes
Original network Channel 2 (Keshet)
Original release 14 October 2010 (2010-10-14) – present
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MasterChef Israel (Hebrew: מאסטר שף‎‎) is a reality cooking competition show that debuted on 14 October 2010 on Channel 2. It is based on the British reality cooking competition show of the same name. The show was very well received and highly acclaimed, achieving excellent reviews and high ratings.


The premise of the show is a cooking competition between amateur cooks, competing for the title of "MasterChef" and a kitchen renovation. the first few episodes of every series are audition episodes where contestants cook to a panel of judges who decide based on a dish cooked in front of them whether or not to pass the contestant to the next level, where a large number of the contestants chosen in the auditions are eliminated through a series of tests, until 12-14 are chosen as the show's final cast, and the members of the series' "Nivheret" (Selected Team).

The members of the "Nivheret" compete in different challenges every episodes, such as the mystery Box Challenge, the Invention Test, Dish Recreation Challenges and Taste Challenges.

Mystery Box Challenge[edit]

In the Mystery Box Challenge contestants receive a number of ingredients of which they are to make a dish of their choice, the contestants are allowed to use any number of the ingredients they are given the wish, and are free to leave any ingredients out. once the dishes are finished, the judges choose three of the dishes to taste.

The Invention Test[edit]

The Invention Test requires of the contestants to make a dish, usually with a certain demand, such as that the dish would cost no more the a certain price, the dish should contain a certain ingredient or be an adaption of other dishes. The Invention Test is usually the challenge that leads to eliminations.

Dish Recreation Test[edit]

In the Dish Recreation Test contestants are asked to recreate a complex dish made by a guest chef, usually with a recipe at hand.

Taste Challenges[edit]

In Taste Challenges the contestants are given a dish to taste, and are asked to name ingredients in the dish, for every dish the name correctly they score a point, until their first mistake. the contestant with the lowest score is usually eliminated.


The first season judges were Haim Cohen, Eyal Shani, Michal Ansky, and Rafi Adar, all successful restaurateurs in Israel. During the first season, judge Rafi Adar was accused of sexual harassment by a production worker, and was fired by the production company, the other three judges went on judging the season as a team of three judges.

After the first season was concluded, Eyal Shani became famous, due to his eccentric treatment of food as poetry in the show, though Haim Cohen was the most famous of the judges, Shani became the symbol of the show and became a cultural icon in Israel.

In the second season, Haim Cohen, Eyal Shani and Michal Ansky continued as judges with Yonatan Roshfeld, a famous chef, successful in both Israel and France, brought in to replace Rafi Adar.

Season 1 (2010)[edit]

First aired on 14 October 2010, the first season of MasterChef received very high ratings and resulted in a large cook book that held all of the recipes shown on the first season.


Contestant Place Finished
Ina Kravetsky Winner
Elkana Bitton 2nd
Smadar Vaknin 3rd
Aviva Fibko 4th
Itzik Harel 5th
Musa Abu Sris 6th
Ran Vasiliver 7th
Morria Ka'atavi 8th
Adi Mizrahi 9th
Gal Leibowitz 10th
Galit Bonfeld 11th
Aviv Ezer Fischler 12th

Season 2 (2011)[edit]

The show was picked up for a second season on November 2010, a month after the first season first aired. the show began airing on June 2011, with the new judge, Yonatan Roshfeld.


Contestant Place Finished
Avi Levy Winner
Eliav Sasson 2nd
Emmanuel Rosenzweig 3rd
Shai Sarmani 4th
Gili Halfteck 5th
Iris Kaspi 6th
Yossi Azulay 7th
Sima Ifargen 8th
Elisa Hammer 9th
Ilan Weissbrod 10th
Zohar Arnon 11th
Jennifer Sunny 12th
Moshe Sassoon 13th
Rachel Kadosh Mashan 14th

Junior MasterChef (2012)[edit]


Contestant Place Finished
Daniel Tirosh Winner
Dana Sharon 2nd
Stav Choen 3rd
Radi Halvi 4th
Shaked Snerch 5th
Roy Vresano 6th
Rean Vice 7th
Amit Shabu 8th
Oded Ovadia 9th
Sivan Klika 10th
Nil Shatraunber 11th
Lihi Naim 12th
Yarden Hamo 13th
Dana Kozinitzki 14th
Itay Choen 15th
Avia Dozali 16th

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