Master Tape Theatre

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Master Tape Theatre
Genre Comedy, Talk
Running time 4 hours
Country United States
Home station Howard 101
Starring Howard Stern
Robin Quivers
Fred Norris
Creator(s) Howard 100 Tapes Department
Air dates since October 2, 2006
Ending theme "Tortured Man" by Howard Stern and The Dust Brothers

Master Tape Theatre is a radio show that broadcasts uncensored versions of The Howard Stern Show on Howard 101 on Sundays at 3:00pm (Eastern Time) on Howard 101. Each episode is presented as a moment in "Howard history" and is presented by the fictional British character, Sir Hardin Thicke, voiced by voice-over actor Mike Pollock.[1] Although Sir Hardin Thicke has not been identified on the air, fan speculation about his voice talent included Fred Norris and Kevin Nealon.[citation needed]

The show is a production of "The Tapes Team" at SIRIUS, along with Stern Spotlight, Mammary Lane and The History of Howard Stern.

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