Master Tape Theatre

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Master Tape Theatre
Genre Comedy, Talk
Running time 4 hours
Country of origin United States
Home station Howard 101
Starring Howard Stern
Robin Quivers
Fred Norris
Created by Howard 100 Tapes Department
Original release October 2, 2006 – present
Ending theme "Tortured Man" by Howard Stern and The Dust Brothers

Master Tape Theatre is a radio show that broadcasts uncensored versions of The Howard Stern Show on Howard 101 on Sundays at 3:00pm (Eastern Time) on Howard 101. Each episode is presented as a moment in "Howard history" and is presented by the fictional British character, Sir Hardin Thicke, voiced by voice-over actor Mike Pollock.[1] Although Sir Hardin Thicke has not been identified on the air, fan speculation about his voice talent included Fred Norris and Kevin Nealon.[citation needed]

The show is a production of "The Tapes Team" at SIRIUS, along with Stern Spotlight, Mammary Lane and The History of Howard Stern.

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