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Master of Applied Science (abbreviations include MASc, MAppSc, MApplSc, M.A.Sc. and MAS) is an academic degree. It is conferred far more widely in the Commonwealth of Nations than in the US.

"MASc" degrees are generally conferred in Commonwealth of Nations for engineering-related studies more academic than those required for the Master of Engineering (MEng). MASc degrees require coursework and a thesis, with the thesis being the major component, whereas a Master of Engineering may require only coursework and a project, with the coursework being the major component.[1]

"MAppSc" and "MApplSc" degrees are conferred in Australia and New Zealand for a wider variety of professional studies, to include practitioner fields outside of engineering.

"MASc" is conferred in at least fourteen North American universities: Arizona State University, Dalhousie University,[2] Delta State University, University of Delaware, University of Nebraska, Carleton University, University of Denver, University of Guelph, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Concordia University, University of Toronto,[3] McMaster University,[4] University of Victoria,[5] York University[6] and Université de Montréal,[7] in the more expansive manner of Australia and New Zealand.

"MESc" is conferred at The University of Western Ontario,[8] although the degree is equivalent to the MASc.