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Master of Epic
MoE Label.gif
Developer(s) Hudson Soft, Gonzo Rosso Online
Platform(s) PC
Genre(s) MMORPG
Mode(s) Massively Multiplayer

Master of Epic is a free Japanese MMORPG. It has not been released outside of Japan. It was adapted into an anime (Master of Epic: The Animation Age) by GONZO and aired on TV Tokyo in 2007. Unlike many MMORPGs, Master of Epic has dispensed with levels and instead the player has an extensive list of skills, from strength to clubs to magics to business, that level up through use. Classes are not chosen. However, titles are earned when certain skills or combinations of skills reach high enough ranks. Some of its other distinguishing features include the presence of hunger and thirst which will inhibit your combat abilities when they run low, and flies gathering around you if your hair goes unwashed for too long.


Diaros, a land shrouded in mystery. Only legends exist about Diaros. Out of all of those, everyone knows the legend of the Noah Stone: any nation possessing the Noah Stone will flourish—rather, It's said to possess enormous power greater than that. Many Nations seeking the Noah Stone have dispatched countless soldiers, however, all of them have failed.

Time passed, when suddenly a vision appeared to all throughout the world. She called herself Irmina. Irmina spoke to the world: "Soon you will all enter an age of darkness." Adventurers who were led by Irmina ended up on Diaros, where they came to know its past and future.

13 Million Years Ago. On Diaros, the High Civilization of the Mora Clan flourished due to the power of the Noah Stone. However, people seeking the Nor Stone began to persecute the Mora Clan. Due to this persecution, the Mora Clan was forced to relinquish control of the Noah Stone.

Now, the Present Age. Presently there are 3 influencing forces present in Diaros: Elgadin, County of the Dragon Knights who esteem law and order; Bisque, Country where according to the Lal Fac Faith, various clans are given the freedom to regulate themselves; Sasool, Country where therianthropy plays a leading role. These countries vie for control of the Noah Stone that the Mora Clan relinquished.

10 years into the future. Due to the events, war has erupted. Evidently this is the Age of Darkness that Irmina predicted. This war is the result of secret maneuvering of the Mora Clan's Igo. In order to possess the power of the Noah Stone for himself, Igo executed several strategic plans. This has become the fate of the Future, The War Age.

3,000 years after the rule of Igo, The Future Age

The beginning of everything, 45 Million Years Ago, The Chaos Age

Passing From one age to another and back again, surmounting numerous battles, Will the adventurers be able to prevent the coming age of darkness?


Present Age[edit]

Players Start from this age first. With Queen Irmina of Bisque and guidance from the Mora clan's Enos, adventurers assemble in this age in order to change the future.

War Age[edit]

10 years into the future. Bisque and Elgadin are engaged in war. One can choose for themselves which side to support in the war, and enjoy personal battles.(PVP)

Future Age[edit]

3,000 years into the future. A cruel dungeon known as "Devil's Labyrinth" awaits players. There is a time restriction on how long you can challenge it with your party.

Chaos Age[edit]

45 Million Years in the past. With Masses, you can challenge Enormous bosses. Open every Saturday and Sunday.


In Master of Epic there are many races for PCs, NPCs, etc. Below are described the 4 races that players are able to select from.


Holding unlimited potential, Newtar are similar to humans, but truly a different race. They can be found all across the world, and are known for continuing to look young. They were once great figures in history, but their origins elude us.



Cognite prefer not to intermingle with the other races, and enjoy Alchemy and Ancient History. It's been said that they draw the attention of corrupt shopkeepers with their good looks. The Cognite possess great passion and beautiful voices, fascinating many who watch them dance.



Officially known as Elcapmonia, they are commonly referred to as Elmony. They prefer quiet places like Forests and Rivers and are known to be a gentle and cheerful race. They seem to be hiding some supernatural abilities, but no one is certain.


Contrary to their courageous appearance, they are tender hearted and prefer not to fight. However, occasionally, when their emotions explode, the demonstrate an unstoppable ferocity. Because of memories of the war between races long ago, they seem to be afraid of Elmony.


In addition to these, many other races exist: from the descendants of the ancients, the Mora Clan; the race of fish people who rule over the caverns of water, the Ixion Tribe; and other original clans to the well-known races like Humans, Ogres, Dwarfs, and Elves.


Master of Epic: The Animation Age is the official anime adaption of the game. Though many video and computer games are adapted into anime, Master of Epic is unique in that its series is a comedy/parody of the game. It features short sketch comedy vignettes featuring both recurring and one-shot characters, which poke fun at the game mechanics and the sometimes illogical rules of MMORPGs in general. Each sketch typically focuses on a specific skill, highlighting the game's unique skill system. The episodes begin with a brief host segment in which two characters explain a specific game element, (such as skills, death, or weapons) and this element tends to be a recurring theme in all the sketches for that episode, not unlike the setup on You Can't Do That on Television. The show has a number of characters who may take on several different roles in varying skits, often appearing as different characters, not unlike members of a comedy troupe. The episodes also contain numerous inside jokes for fans of the game.

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