Master of Mosquiton

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Master of Mosquiton
(Masutā Mosukīton)
Written by
Illustrated byTsutomu Isomata
Published byKadokawa Shoten
MagazineDragon Jr.
Original runSeptember 1996November 1998
Original video animation
Directed byYusuke Yamamoto
Written by
  • Satoru Akahori (eps 1, 3)
  • Sumio Uetake (eps 2, 5-6)
  • Katsuhiko Takayama (ep 4)
Music byOsamu Tezuka
StudioZero-G Room
Licensed by
Released November 21, 1996 April 19, 1997
Runtime30 minutes per episode
Anime television series
Master of Mosquiton '99
Directed byHiroshi Negishi
Written by
  • Sumio Uetake
  • Takao Ohyama
Music byOsamu Tezuka
StudioZero-G Room
Original networkTV Tokyo
Original run October 1, 1997 April 1, 1998
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Master of Mosquiton (Japanese: マスターモスキートン, Hepburn: Masutā Mosukīton) is a Japanese manga series written by Hiroshi Negishi and Satoru Akahori and illustrated by Tsutomu Isomata about a girl named Hitomebore Inaho whose grandmother was in love with a vampire. Inaho meets a vampire at an all-girls Catholic high school. The manga was adapted into a 1996 original video animation series and was re-imagined into a 1997 anime televisions series.



Alucard von Mosquiton- He's in love with Inaho, but feels like it's one-sided. He's basically Inaho's "pet" Vampire and manservant, but he obeys her willingly and even seems to find her a bit intimidating at times. He constantly puts himself at risk to either protect Inaho or do her bidding. He also somewhat jokes-states in the Forth night episode that he is a pacifist, even though he drinks women's blood.

Inaho Hitomibore- She's in love with money and Mosquiton, but money always comes first. She often ignores Mosquiton's pleas for acknowledgment and blames him for her mistakes.

Honoo- Mosquiton's servant. Controls fire.

Yuki- Mosquiton's servant. Controls ice.

Wolf Lady- Wears cursed rings forced on her by a wizard she refused to marry. If a man touches her, she starts howling and snarling, but doesn't actually transform. She goes back and forth between being Inaho's untrustworthy/unwilling servant and being a concerned friend.

Frankie Negger- Braindead and gullible, but friendly and lovable. He has the biggest crush on Wolf Lady. He's a sort of Frankenstein-type monster.

Kumachi Akita- A relative of Inaho who's bent on inheriting the family name.

Ai- Inaho's pet that she picked up on Easter Island in "Fifth Night". When it first appeared, it was basically a miniature creature with the exact likeness of the Easter Island Moais(with its body intact). At the end of the episode, it transformed (while playing dead) into a "simian-like" creature, with green eyes. Ai doesn't talk, but makes noises to express itself.

Earl St. German- Mosquiton's enemy. He is malevolent, intelligent, cunning, and ruthless. German holds an extreme dislike for Mosquiton.

Camille Inaho Carmilla- The first person that Mosquiton turned into a vampire, and ancestor to Inaho Hitomibore. She wishes to reunite with Mosquiton.



Original video animation series[edit]

The story in the OVA differs slightly from the manga plot. A pyramid appears in London which causes Inaho's heirloom earring to glow, she emotionally blackmails Mosquiton into helping her get to London from Shanghai despite his cautioning about the dangers and that immortality is not what she thinks it is like.

Meanwhile, in London, Count St Germaine influences the army to investigate the pyramid regardless of the cost in man power to the pyramids defenses (traps and animated mummies). It is revealed that despite being a vampire himself, he is the servant of the mysterious Grigori Rasputin. Rasputin knows much about the pyramid and its creators, beings called the Starlords, and he urges the Count to find the Oopart at all costs.

Inaho and company arrive in London and eventually infiltrate the pyramid, attracting St. Germaine's notice. He follows them inside and confronts Mosquiton and his elemental servants. Mosquiton is forced to drink Inaho's blood to gain the strength necessary to fight the Count and succeeds in driving him off. However, the taste of human blood awaken's Mosquiton's vampiric nature and he attacks Inaho in a frenzy, stopped only by a hastily brandished stake left behind by St. Germaine.

Inaho revives Mosquiton using the same ritual shown in flashback she used to first awaken him. The group continue further into the pyramid, and experience some strange disorientation and a vision of seeing the Earth from space (although they don't know this at the time, having no contemporary knowledge of what that looks like in the 1920s). The Oopart is found but taking it awakens the Guardians -a woman fused with a sphinx- that chase the group to the exterior of the pyramid. Mosquiton is once again force to rely on Inaho's blood, triumphs over the guardians and is prevented from exsanguinating Inaho by St. Germaine. The Oopart is snatched from everyone's grasp by a blue ray from the sky. This allows Rasputin to determine that the moon is the key to the Starlords method of harvesting the life on the planet.

Inaho and company take a boat back to Shanghai, during the voyage they discover a scientist who has a photograph of a pyramid on the moon -which Inaho steals- and they encounter Mosquiton's wife on the ship, Camille Inaho Carmilla. Camille is quite interested in reigniting their relationship after a 300-year absence; driving young Inaho into a violent fit of rage that results in the ship being accidentally scuttled. Inaho and company escape via their plane leaving a besotted Camille standing on the water amid the wreckage and lifeboats.

Camille tracks Mosquiton back to Inaho's clock store in Shanghai. During some bickering with Inaho over this love triangle Inaho's finger is cut by some deliberately broken pottery and Mosquiton begins to suck on her blood. This reverts Mosquiton to his vampiric nature and it becomes quite obvious that Camille and Mosquiton's relationship has sadomasochistic domination/submission overtones. Inaho stops this rekindling with a stake to Mosquiton's heart, and again reanimates him with her blood ritual. Camille seems to accept Inaho's hold on Mosquiton and asks only to be with him and serve the household. This seems to be part of a ruse to demonstrate just how helpless and useless at domestic life Inaho is and how Inaho's life is a mere flicker in the life of an immortal. it undermines Inaho's confidence in her relationship with Mosquiton so much that she renounces her blood bond with him. Mosquiton refuses to leave her though -much like he once refused to leave her grandmother- and when they are about to kiss, Camille in a rage stakes Mosquiton and then psychokinetically wraps up his ashes and flees. Inaho and Mosquiton's servants pursue her, unwittingly heading towards a large pyramid structure that Rasputin and St. Germaine have constructed nearby as bait for the Starlords' harvest.

The two women metaphorically play football with Mosquiton's remains while his servants bemusedly follow along. Camille almost performs Inaho's blood ritual on Mosquiton, only to be interrupted by Inaho shooting her with a pistol. During the ensuing struggle Inaho's lips are bloodied and she kisses Mosquiton's ashes, reincorporating him at the moment the Starlords take the bait and transmit the whole structure with them, Rasputin and St. Germaine to the moon's surface as they begin the harvest of the life energy of the planet.

St.Germaine comes to fight Mosquiton and Camille, requiring Inaho to give Mosquiton some of her blood. The fight drags the vampires onto the Moon's surface leaving Inaho, Hoono and Yuki to go find the Oopart. Once they do that they try to find a way back to Earth and encounter Rasputin. Rasputin is actually the assumed identity of a Starlord who was banished to Earth millennia ago who has been shaping human development enough that their technology could help him get revenge on his fellows. He misleads Inaho about how he can use the Oopart to help her get home so that he can turn the life energy of the planet into a weapon against his homeworld. When Inaho tries to stop him it is revealed that much of his body is now mechanical, and he mockingly grants her the immortality she sought so that she can preside over the dead planet for eternity.

Outside Camille becomes mortally wounded before Mosquiton can kill St.Germaine. St. Germaine's ashes are scattered in space and Camille's fall to the surface. Mosquiton re-enters the pyramid in time to destroy Rasputin and send Inaho back to Earth before destroying the Oopart and the Pyramid. Inaho and the stolen life essence return to Earth. The final scene is Inaho sitting alone in her store filled with clocks remembering her life with Mosquiton, Hoono and Yuki. She vows she will not cry for she knows one day he will return to her.



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