Master of Sparks

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"Master of Sparks"
Song by ZZ Top
from the album Tres Hombres
Released July 26, 1973
Recorded Brian Studios &
Ardent Studios
Memphis, Tennessee
Length 3:33
Label London Records
Songwriter(s) Billy Gibbons
Producer(s) Bill Ham
Tres Hombres track listing
"Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers"
"Master of Sparks"
"Hot, Blue, and Righteous"

"Master of Sparks" is a song by American rock band ZZ Top from their 1973 album Tres Hombres.

The song tells the apparently true story (according to an interview in Sounds magazine, in June 1976, with guitarist Billy Gibbons) of several "rednecks" who weld together a spherical steel cage (inside of which is a VW-Bug seat fitted with a seatbelt), place the cage into the bed of their truck and at night, after reaching a speed of 60 miles per hour (97 km/h), on Highway 6 near Houston (also known as Jack Rabbit Road), propel the cage from the back with the hapless narrator taking a ride inside. If he lives, the passenger is granted the title "Master of Sparks". Gibbons holds that title.[1][2]



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