Master of the Legend of Saint Lucy

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Mary, Queen of Heaven- c. 1480 - c. 1510
Lamentation with Saint John the Baptist and Saint Catherine of Alexandria (1493-1501), a triptych attributed to the master

Master of the Legend of Saint Lucy (fl. 1480-1510) was an unidentified Early Netherlandish painter from Bruges. His name comes from an altarpiece in the church of Saint James in Bruges, dated 1480, depicting three scenes from the life of Saint Lucy. Since then, twenty-five to thirty-five paintings have been attributed to the same hand. He may have trained Spanish students at his studio in Bruges. Many of his paintings are characterized by views of the city of Bruges in the background, and can be dated according to the level of construction of its belfry. He may have trained with Dieric Bouts, and was certainly influenced by Hans Memling.


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