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Masterblaster is a series of freeware multiplayer action games based on the original Dynablaster and Bomberman. Created by Alexander Ivanof, the series started in 1994 and is still under development.


The main goal of MasterBlaster is to be the last survivor (or your team) in a maze. To get rid of your opponents you can try to blast them by placing bombs or crush them by pushing walls. These walls can also be destroyed and do sometimes reveal powerups or coins so you can equip yourself in a shop.

Different versions[edit]

MasterBlaster for Amiga in 1994[edit]


The game supports up to five players (using the keyboard and four joysticks). There are several options. In one the players gets money for surviving the longest time. With the money they can buy extras in a shop after each round. There is also a mode without the shop after each round.

During the game a loop is played repeatedly, faster and faster (therefore with a higher pitch each time) and the players know when the round is going to end. At the end of each round the map closes with "hard blocks" in a spiral style animation eventually killing players standing under them.

Extras / Powerups[edit]

  • speed up - (Symbolized by a foot icon) Makes the player faster. If a player collects too many of these his character becomes too fast, therefore uncontrollable.
  • remote controlled bomb - The player can control a bomb and detonate it remotely. The disadvantage: the player can't move while using the remote controlled bomb.
  • remote detonated bomb - The player can drop a bomb and detonate it remotely. The disadvantage: the player can leave behind only one bomb at a time.
  • additional bomb - The player gets another bomb in arsenal.
  • higher range - The bombs have a higher range when they are exploding.
  • ghost-mode - The player is invisible (only some small "shadow" is visible) and can walk through destructible blocks.
  • death - (Symbolized by a skull icon) If the player walks on this extra he dies.
  • random - (Symbolized by a question mark icon) Random effects, including great advantages and disadvantages.

MasterBlaster II for IBM-PC in 1996[edit]

MasterBlaster 2001 for Microsoft Windows and DirectX in 2001[edit]

MasterBlaster 2006 for Microsoft Windows and DirectX in 2006[edit]

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