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Amiga cover art image of Masterblazer
Developer(s)Rainbow Arts
Publisher(s)Lucasfilm Games
Designer(s)Gero Presser[1]
Composer(s)Chris Hülsbeck[1]
Jochen Hippel (ST)
Platform(s)Amiga, Atari ST, MS-DOS

Masterblazer is a 1990 computer game developed by Rainbow Arts and published by Lucasfilm Games.

It is the sequel and remake of the 1984 game Ballblazer.[1] Played out like a futuristic sport, the playing field is a large rectangle made out of squares.[1] A Plasmorb ball must be moved into a goal as many times as possible within the course of three minutes.[1] This is accomplished by using a Rotofoil vehicle.[1] Unlike its predecessor, the game features a tournament mode which allows up to 8 players to compete for the Master Blazer prize.[2] This game even allows Rotofoils to race against each other (basically a normal game but without the ball).[1]


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