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CNC Software/Mastercam
Developer(s)CNC Software, LLC
Stable release
Mastercam 2024
Operating systemWindows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10(x64)
Available inMulti-language
TypeComputer-aided manufacturing
WebsiteOfficial web page

Mastercam is a suite of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and CAD/CAM software applications developed by CNC Software, LLC. Founded in Massachusetts in 1983, CNC Software are headquartered in Tolland, Connecticut.[1]

Mastercam is CNC Software's main product. It started as a 2D CAM system with CAD tools that let machinists design virtual parts on a computer screen and also guided computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine tools in the manufacture of parts. Mastercam has been ranked by CIMdata Inc. as the most widely used CAM package in the world since 1994.[2]


Early Versions[edit]

Early versions of Mastercam were released for MS-DOS and the Apple IIe starting in the mid 1980s. [3] Throughout the 1980s, Mastercam underwent significant development and improvements. It quickly gained popularity for its user-friendly interface and the robustness of its toolpaths, making it a preferred choice in manufacturing industries. As the software evolved, it added more features, such as 3D milling and lathe turning, to accommodate a wider range of manufacturing needs and complexities.[4]

MastercamV9 mill screenshot showing an example part

In its early days, Mastercam combined ease of use with powerful programming capabilities, allowing users to design parts and control CNC machines to manufacture parts precisely. The first version of Mastercam was released in 1983[5] and was one of the first to introduce CAD/CAM software designed for both machinists and engineers, enabling the transition from drawing board designs to digital CNC programming.[6]


In the 1990s, Mastercam significantly expanded its capabilities, introducing 3D design and machining functionalities along with high-speed machining options to cater to the increasing demand for precision in manufacturing. The software saw enhancements in its user interface and began integration with solid modeling, streamlining the design-to-manufacturing process.

Mastercam X4 showing an example part and tool path

Mastercam's global reach and adoption grew during this period, supported by a network of resellers and educational partnerships, which helped prepare the next generation of machinists and engineers. This era marked a transformative phase for Mastercam, solidifying its position as a leading CAD/CAM software through technological advancements and a focus on meeting the evolving needs of the manufacturing industry.


Mastercam has been released for different machine types and at times sold as stand alone components such as CAM or CAD individually.


Legend: Old version, not maintained Older version, still maintained Current stable version Latest preview version Future release
Mastercam for Windows release history[7]
Year Name Version Comments OS
1983 Mastercam "Meghan" Old version, no longer maintained: 0.0 First version of Mastercam named after co-founder Mark Summers' daughter.[8][5] Apple IIe
1984 Mastercam V1 Old version, no longer maintained: 1.0 First Version released. Apple IIe
1986 Mastercam V2 Old version, no longer maintained: 2.0 First Version for MS-DOS MS-DOS
1990 Mastercam V3 Old version, no longer maintained: 3.0 MS-DOS
1992 Mastercam V4 Old version, no longer maintained: 4.0 MS-DOS
1994 Mastercam V5 Old version, no longer maintained: 5.0 MS-DOS, Windows NT
1996 Mastercam V6 Old version, no longer maintained: 6.0 Released as version 6. Windows NT, Windows 98
1998 Mastercam V7 Old version, no longer maintained: 7.0 Released as version 7. Windows NT, Windows 98
2000 Mastercam V8 Old version, no longer maintained: 8.0 Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP
2002 Mastercam V9 Old version, no longer maintained: 9.0 Windows 2000, Windows XP
2005 Mastercam X Old version, no longer maintained: X Renumbered versions to X instead of V Windows XP
2006 Mastercam X2 Old version, no longer maintained: X2 Windows XP
2008 Mastercam X3 Old version, no longer maintained: X3 Windows XP, Windows 7
2009 Mastercam X4 Old version, no longer maintained: X4 Windows XP, Windows 7
2010 Mastercam X5 Old version, no longer maintained: X5 Windows XP, Windows 7
2011 Mastercam X6 Old version, no longer maintained: X6 First version with 64-bit CPU support. Introduced Xform Fit. [9] Windows 7
2013 Mastercam X7 Old version, no longer maintained: X7 Windows 7
2014 Mastercam X8 Old version, no longer maintained: X8 Support ended in 2019[10] Introduced Dynamic Motion technology[11] Windows 7, Windows 8
2015 [12] Mastercam X9 Old version, no longer maintained: X9 Added Dynamic Motion improvements, multiaxis enhancements, and many Design and System features Windows 7, Windows 10
2016 Mastercam 2017 Old version, no longer maintained: 2017 Naming changed to match year released. Added a ribbon interface, similar to the Microsoft Office Windows 10
2017 Mastercam 2018 Older version, yet still maintained: 2018 Windows 10
2018 Mastercam 2019 Older version, yet still maintained: 2019 Windows 10
2019 Mastercam 2020 Older version, yet still maintained: 2020 Windows 10
2020 Mastercam 2021 Older version, yet still maintained: 2021 Windows 10
2021 Mastercam 2022 Current stable version: 2022 Windows 10, Windows 11
2022 Mastercam 2023 Current stable version: 2023 Windows 10, Windows 11
2023 Mastercam 2024 Current stable version: 2024 Windows 11


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