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The Masters Series or simply Masters were single-elimination Magic: The Gathering tournaments open to the most accomplished players only. These tournaments awarded cash prizes upon entrance and were held at several Pro Tours each season. The first predecessor to the Masters Series, named Team Challenge, was held at the 2000 Pro Tour New York. In the following seasons Masters were held at four different Pro Tours each season. The last Masters was held at Pro Tour Yokohama. Ben Rubin was the most successful player at the Masters Series, being the only player to win two events.

After the 2002–03 season the cash that would have gone into the Masters Series prizes was instead used for a final payout at the end of the season based on Pro Points. This payout was in turn replaced by the Pro Player's Club two years later.

Masters champions[edit]

* Elected to the Magic: The Gathering Hall of Fame
Season Location Winner Runner-up Result Format Ref.
1999–00 New York City Black Ops
Antoine Ruel*
Olivier Ruel*
Florent Jeudon
Jon Finkel*
Steven O'Mahoney-Schwartz*
Daniel O'Mahoney-Schwartz
2–1 Team Rochester Draft [1][2]
2000–01 New York City William Jensen* Jason Zilla 2–1 Extended [3]
2000–01 Chicago Ben Rubin* Jon Finkel* 2–0 Booster Draft [4]
2000–01 Tokyo
Chris Benafel
Noah Boeken
Ryan Fuller
Panzer Hunter
Reiji Ando
Itaru Ishida
Momose Kazuyuki
2–1 Team Rochester Draft [5]
2000–01 Barcelona Ben Rubin* Jay Elarar 2–0 Block Constructed [6]
2001–02 New Orleans Michael Pustilnik Chris Benafel 2–0 Booster Draft [7]
2001–02 San Diego Ryan Fuller Dave Humpherys* 2–0 Standard [8]
2001–02 Osaka Phoenix Foundation
Dirk Baberowski*
Marco Blume
Kai Budde*
Panzer Hunter
Reiji Ando
Itaru Ishida
Momose Kazuyuki
2–1 Team Rochester Draft [9]
2001–02 Nice Alexander Witt Justin Gary 2–1 Extended [10]
2002–03 Houston Jens Thorén Gary Wise* 2–0 Booster Draft [11]
2002–03 Chicago Franck Canu Ken Ho 2–0 Standard [12]
2002–03 Venice PS2
Masahiro Kuroda
Katsuhiro Mori
Masahiko Morita
Elijah Pollock
David Rood
Steven Wolfman
2–1 Team Rochester Draft [13]
2002–03 Yokohama Bob Maher* Gabriel Nassif* 2–0 Extended [14]