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Mastic may refer to:

Adhesives and pastes[edit]

  • Mastic (plant resin)
  • Mastic asphalt, or asphalt, is a sticky, black and highly viscous liquid
  • Mastic cold porcelain, or salt ceramic, is a traditional salt-based modeling clay.
  • Mastic, high-grade construction adhesive commonly used to bond ceiling, wall, and floor tiles, plywood panels, concrete, asphalt, leather and fabric.
  • Mastic, waterproof, putty-like paste used in building as a joint-sealer or filler
  • Stone mastic asphalt, deformation resistant, durable surfacing material


  • Mastika, a liqueur with added mastic aroma
  • Chios Mastiha, a liqueur flavoured with mastic distillate or mastic oil from the island of Chios




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