Mastigouche Wildlife Reserve

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Mastigouche Wildlife Reserve
Map showing the location of Mastigouche Wildlife Reserve
Map showing the location of Mastigouche Wildlife Reserve
Location Maskinongé Regional County Municipality, Matawinie and D'Autray, Quebec, Canada
Nearest city Joliette
Coordinates 46°40′00″N 73°30′00″W / 46.666667°N 73.5°W / 46.666667; -73.5Coordinates: 46°40′00″N 73°30′00″W / 46.666667°N 73.5°W / 46.666667; -73.5
Area 1,556.8 kilometres (967.35 mi)[1]
Created 1971
Administrator Sépaq
Website Official Site

The Mastigouche Wildlife Reserve is a Quebec Wildlife Reserve located in the administrative regions of the Mauricie and Lanaudière, Quebec, in Canada. Like all wildlife reserves, this area is dedicated to the conservation, development and use of wildlife as well as recreational activities. It is however not considered a protected area, because forest and mining activities are being allowed.


The name of the subject reminds Club Fish and Game Zone, which was established in 1881 The name comes from the Atikamekw or the Algonquin (language) and mean "where the wood is small".[2]


Mastigouche Wildlife Reserve is located 95 km northwest of Trois-Rivières and 145 km northeast of Montreal. You can access it by Saint-Alexis-des-Monts in Mauricie and Saint-Zénon and Mandeville, in Lanaudière.

Reserve enclave Ecological Reserve Marie-Jean-Eudes and the proposed biodiversity reserve of the Lower Collines-du-Lac-au-Sorcerer. It also shares its boundaries with the La Mauricie National Park in the east, to the Zec du Chapeau-de-Paille in the north and Zec des Nymphes in the West.


The first club to be private hunting concession is the Mastigouche 1881 to Elizabeth Copeland Berthier. Two other big clubs were born in that territory or the club Saint- Bernard and Commodore. These clubs were, however, reserved for wealthy American.[3]

In 1971, for the "Accessibility" operation, the Quebec government decided to democratize hunting. It ended leases private hunting and fishing clubs and regrouped to create the reserve under the toponym "Mastigouche park". In 1979, it took its present name "Mastigouche Wildlife Reserve".[3]


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