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Mastin Kipp
ResidenceLos Angeles, California
OccupationAuthor, entrepreneur
Home townLawrence, KS

Mastin Kipp is an author, entrepreneur and inspirational speaker.[1][2][3] He founded, an inspirational website, daily email and Twitter account in 2005.[4][5][6][7] Oprah Winfrey recognized Kipp as an "up and coming thought leader of the next generation of spiritual thinkers."[8]


At 19, Mastin Kipp began working as a music manager in Hollywood, California and became an executive by 21.[9][10][11] Kipp left the music industry after developing an alcohol and drug addiction and founded, an inspirational online outlet in 2005.[12][13][14] The Daily Love started as emails to friends and family and later expanded to include daily tweets and blog posts.[6][9][15] He also founded Self Approved Clothing Ltd., an inspirational clothing line.[14]

In 2012, Kipp toured with Oprah's Lifeclass, and appeared on Oprah's "Super Soul Sunday" segment in November 2012.[15][16][17] He has been featured on Fox News Channel's Good Morning Philadelphia and Metro New York.[13][18] Kipp also appeared on AM Northwest, a television program on KATU, CBS News and was featured in the Chicago Tribune in October 2014.[9][19][20]


In September 2014, Kipp released his first book, Daily Love: Growing into Grace.[11][18] He also writes for The Huffington Post.[14]


Kipp was included on Mind Body Spirit Magazine's list of "The 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People" for 2012.[21] In August 2016, he was named one of Oprah's "Soul Teachers" on her inaugural SuperSoul 100 list.[22]


  • Daily Love: Growing into Grace (September 2014) (ISBN 140194227X)


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