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Country of origin Catalonia
Source of milk Cows, goats
Texture Soft
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Mató (Catalan pronunciation: [məˈto]) is a fresh cheese of Catalonia made from cows' or goats' milk, with no salt added.[1]

It is usually served with honey, as a traditional and emblematic Catalan dessert known as mel i mató.[2]

Description and origin[edit]

Mató is a whey cheese[3] similar to non-industrial variants of the fresh cheeses known as Brull in Maestrat, Ports de Beseit and the Southern Terres de l'Ebre[4] and as Brossat in Andorra, Pallars, Menorca, Mallorca and parts of Occitania,[5] as well as the brocciu in Corsica and other types of curd cheese such as Italian ricotta.

The Mató from the villages near the Montserrat mountain, such as Ullastrell and Marganell,[6] is quite famous.[7]

Mató is mentioned in the Sent Soví, a 14th-century Catalan cookbook, as well as in the El Noi de la Mare local Christmas carol.[6] It was very popular during the Middle Ages, when it was made plain or scented with orange flowers.[8]

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