Mat (river)

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Liqeni i Shkopetit.jpg
The Liqeni i Shkopetit reservoir
Country Albania
Basin features
Main source Dibër County, Albania
River mouth Adriatic Sea
41°38′12″N 19°34′17″E / 41.63667°N 19.57139°E / 41.63667; 19.57139Coordinates: 41°38′12″N 19°34′17″E / 41.63667°N 19.57139°E / 41.63667; 19.57139
Basin size 2,441 km2 (942 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 115 km (71 mi)
  • Average rate:
    103 m3/s (3,600 cu ft/s)

The Mat (definite Albanian form: Mati) is a river in northern Albania. Its source is near Martanesh, in Dibër County. It flows west towards the municipality of Mat, which takes its name from the river, and northwest through the towns of Klos and Burrel. About 10 km (6 mi) downstream from Burrel, it flows into a large reservoir (Liqeni i Ulzës – "Lake Ulëz"). After passing through a hydroelectric dam, it flows through another, smaller reservoir (Liqeni i Shkopetit – "Lake Shkopet") and forms a narrow gorge through the mountain range that separates Mat District from the coastal plains. It enters the plains between Milot and Zejmen.

After a total length of 115 km (71 mi), the Mat flows into the Adriatic Sea near Fushë-Kuqe, between the towns of Lezhë and Laç.

In Ancient Greek the river was called Μαθις/Mathis.[citation needed]