Mata Bhavani's Stepwell

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Mata Bhavani's Stepwell
Mata Bhavani's Stepwell Ahmedabad 1866.jpg
Mata Bhavani's Stepwell, 1866
Mata Bhavani's Stepwell is located in Gujarat
Mata Bhavani's Stepwell
Location in Gujarat, India
Basic information
LocationAsarwa, Ahmedabad
Geographic coordinates23°02′40″N 72°36′25″E / 23.0443357°N 72.6068337°E / 23.0443357; 72.6068337Coordinates: 23°02′40″N 72°36′25″E / 23.0443357°N 72.6068337°E / 23.0443357; 72.6068337
MunicipalityAhmedabad Municipal Corporation
Heritage designationMonument of National Importance
ASI Monument No. N-GJ-23
Architectural typestepwell

Mata Bhavani's Stepwell or Mata Bhavani ni Vav is a stepwell in Asarwa area of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

History and architecture[edit]

Mata Bhavani's stepwell was built in the 11th century during Chaulukya dynasty rule in Gujarat. It is one of the earliest existing example of stepwells in India. A long flight of steps leads to the water below a sequence of multi-story open pavilions positioned along the east–west axis. The elaborate ornamentation of the columns, brackets and beams are a prime example of how stepwells were used as a form of art.[1] A much later constructed small shrine of Hindu Goddess Bhavani is located at lower gallery from which the stepwell derived its name.[2] It is built before the establishment of modern city of Ahmedabad.[3]

The stepwell is 46 metre long and 5.1 metre wide at entrance. It has three stories and three pavilions. The diameter of well is 4.8 metre.[4]

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