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Mata Redonda is the name of the eighth "district" of San José Canton, Costa Rica. Besides the case of Carmen, afflicted by a strong population decline, Mata Redonda district possess the lowest rate of population density in San José downtown, because within its confines lies the biggest urban park in the city, La Sabana Metropolitan Park.

Geography and Demography[edit]

Mata Redonda limits with two San José cantons, Escazú and Alajuelita, and with Pavas, Uruca, Merced, Hospital and Hatillo as well.[1] The district had 3.68 km2 and 10,100 inhabitants on December 31, 2008 (2,744.57 inhabitants per km2.)[2]

District Information[edit]

Mata Redonda district includes the "barrios" (or neighbourhoods) of Americas, Anonos, Balcón Verde, Calle Morenos, El Rey, Holanda, La Salle, Loma Linda, Niza, Nunciatura, Rancho Luna, Roma, Urbanización Paseo Colón, and Sabana.


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