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Group (seated, wearing white) with Wilhelm Solf, New Zealand parliamentarian Charles H. Mills and paramount chief Mata'afa Iosefo during a visit by Mills to Samoa, 1903.

Mata'afa is a high chief title[1] in Samoa under the country's Matai system of socio-political governance where individuals are bestowed with family names.[2] The historical seat of the Mata'afa title is in Amaile in the Atua district at the east end of Upolu island.[3]

The title was vacant from 1997 (with the death of Mata'afa Fa'asuamaleaui Pu'ela Patu) to May 2011, when it was bestowed upon Mata'afa Tupuola Lui, "an 83 year old village chief of Amaile village".[4] After his death in 2014, the title again fell vacant.[5]

Title holders[edit]

Holders of the Mata'afa title include;

Title was then bestowed upon Mata'afa Puela Faasuamaleaui Patu until 1997 when he passed away


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