Matabeleland South Province

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Matabeleland South
Matabeleland South, Province of Zimbabwe
Matabeleland South, Province of Zimbabwe
Country Zimbabwe
Capital Gwanda
 • Total 54,172 km2 (20,916 sq mi)
Population (2012 census)
 • Total 683,893
 • Density 13/km2 (33/sq mi)
Matabeleland South-constituency2008.gif
Districts of Matabeleland South

Matabeleland South is a province of Zimbabwe. It has an area of 54,172 km² and a population of approximately 683,893 as of 2012. Gwanda is the capital of the province.


The province sits on the edge of the Kalahari desert, hence it is arid and very dry. The province shares borders with South Africa and Botswana. As a result, there are Tswana, Sotho/Pedi, Venda and Shangani (Tsonga) speaking people in the province. The other languages that are native in the province are Ndebele and Khalanga.


The province of Matabeleland South is divided into 6 districts:

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Coordinates: 21°00′S 29°30′E / 21.000°S 29.500°E / -21.000; 29.500