Matachin (album)

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Studio album by Bellowhead
Released 2008
Genre English folk
Length 51:57
Label Navigator Records
Bellowhead chronology

Matachin is the second album by Bellowhead, released on 22 September 2008. Its title refers, to 'An old dance with swords, masks and bucklers; a sword dance' that may have influenced the Cotswold Morris dance.[1] It has been described as "...a magnificently murky and rum-sodden collection of 11 traditional and original songs from the 11 piece band who defy easy categorisation".[2]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Fakenham Fair" Trad arr. Boden 4:59
2. "Roll Her Down The Bay" Trad arr. Flood 3:27
3. "Vignette I" Trad arr. Boden, Sweeney, MacShane 0:40
4. "I Drew My Ship Across The Harbour" Trad arr. Jon Boden 4:15
5. "Kafoozalum/The Priest's Miss" Trad arr. Boden 5:31
6. "Cholera Camp" Rudyard Kipling / Peter Bellamy 6:08
7. "Vignette II" Trad arr. Boden 0:45
8. "Whiskey Is The Life Of Man" Trad arr. Boden 3:22
9. "Spectre Review" Words: Zedlitz; Music: trad arr. Flood 5:23
10. "Widow's Curse" Trad arr. Flood 5:33
11. "Bruton Town" Trad arr. Thurgur 5:33
12. "Trip to Bucharest / The Flight of the Folk Mutants Parts 1 & 2" McShane/Boden 5:33
13. "Vignette III" Trad arr. Flood 0:48
Total length: 51:57



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